Inspirational Stories

We are constantly immersed in stories—from
television news to films, novels and
TV programs. The inspiring real-life
stories we tell here are stories of faith,
hope and love, stories of challenges 
overcome as well as small unexpected
moments of grace.

More importantly, our inspiring true stories
are about and by people like you.
People who have discovered how to
live their lives with more hope and joy
and, through their stories and experiences,
have helped others to do the same.


Recent Inspirational Stories

I'll be watching baseball's All-Star game with something very special by my side.

by Edward Grinnan

A puppy nuzzles an office worker

An animal shelter encourages office workers to escape their stress by taking a stroll with a dog.

Meet Jack, a puppy rescued from a dumpster and now a service dog.

Meet Jack, the rescue dog who not only becomes Maya's best friend, but her guardian angel.

Citizens of Solano county set up a welcome sign for veteran's new home.

When Jacinto Bernardo returned from Iraq, he didn't expect a whole new house courtesy of his community.

An artist's rendering of Wanda's boys with a trio of angels, beckoning Buddy

A heavenly vision gave her the strength to say good-bye.

by Wanda Rosseland
, Circle, Montana

When it comes to fitness, spot reducing alone seldom produces the results you desire. Spot reducing in the spiritual realm doesn't work that well, either.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Kate and Pippin cuddle up in the back yard.

Immediately upon meeting, Pippin, a deer, and Kate, a great Dane, became inseparable.

A homeless man thanks Kasonja for her kindness.

During her lunch break on Thursdays, Kasonja Holley and her coworkers feed those in need.

Scott Stephens poses with the board that is missing a shark-shaped chunk.

He thought it was a harbor seal. He was wrong. It was a shark. And it attacked. Now he had just minutes to live

by Scott Stephens
, Manila, California

This puppy showers her owner with kisses.

A puppy greets her owner with kisses and howls of joy when he returns after six months of being overseas. 

Elliot being nourished and loved by his mother.

With an underdeveloped lung and a hole in his heart, doctors didn't believe Eliot would make it past birth, but God had other plans.

Ask God to replace your human smell with his divine fragrance, so that you will be a witness of his sweetness everywhere you go.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Kevin and Yurtie reunited.

A homeless man's dying wish is granted when he's reunited with his dog.

Pat Allen (left) with her friend Tina Mitchell

Misfortune brought them together, but shared values and interests helped their friendship blossom.

by Pat Allen
, Larchmont, New York

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