Inspirational Stories

We are constantly immersed in stories—from
television news to films, novels and
TV programs. The inspiring real-life
stories we tell here are stories of faith,
hope and love, stories of challenges 
overcome as well as small unexpected
moments of grace.

More importantly, our inspiring true stories
are about and by people like you.
People who have discovered how to
live their lives with more hope and joy
and, through their stories and experiences,
have helped others to do the same.


Recent Inspirational Stories

Pali found self-improvement with her dogs

When an ex-addict's life had figuratively gone to the dogs, her path to self-improvement literally went to the dogs--dog rescue, that is.

by Matthew S. Bajko
, San Francisco, Calif.

Denzel Washington's inspiring story of success

Denzel Washington's inspiring story of success reminds us that there are always people out there to help us along the way.

by Denzel Washington
, Los Angeles, California

Mother and daughter in the kitchen

When I was sick with breast cancer, mom knew if we all came together to bake taralles, it would restore my strength like nothing else.

by Louise Spinelli
, Napa, California

Inspiring story about Sela Ward starting Hope Village for Children

Actress Sela Ward shares her inspiring story of creating a safe place for children.

by Sela Ward
, Los Angeles, California

Martina McBride

The country star's story of returning to her roots is a good lesson for anyone in search of their passion.

by Martina McBride
, Nashville, Tennessee

Motivational stories: Special effects artist finds rewarding job

He wanted to help real people with his artistic skills. His motivational story proves you can find what you're looking for.

by Alina Larson

Dessert recipes: Julie Garmon's Homemade Peach Ice Cream brings back memories

A warm spring day only weeks before my daughter's wedding. Boy, did I need something to cool me off! I just happened to have the perfect dessert recipe...

by Julie Garmon
, Monroe, Georgia

Alberto Salazar

One of those motivational stories that makes you want to strive for all that you've ever wished for.

by Alberto Salazar
, Eugene, Oregon

When you're looking after a sick spouse, it's important that you care for your own health and well being too.

by Alison Goran
, New York, New York

Robin Roberts shares inspiring story after Hurricane Katrina

Robin Roberts shares her inspiring story of going back to her hometown after the storm.

by Robin Roberts
, New York, New York

Motivational stories: Trusting God and faith to find happiness

This mother shares her motivational story about trusting God and relying on faith to help her find happiness after quitting her job.

by Merna Uccello
, Dallas, Georgia

Peggy Frezon and her dog

 I was overanxious and homebound, but my dog helped me see the joy and happiness in life.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

A female sailor in a sea of male sailors

She'd always wanted to join the U.S. Navy, but she needed to lose 100 pounds first. Would she find success and be able to help her country?

by Amy Pressley Palacio
, Oak Harbor, Washington

Motivational stories: Coach teaches runner about determination

A motivational story about someone who had always been a quitter—until his coach taught him the importance of determination. 

by Gordon MacDonald
, Belmont, New Hampshire

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