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Inspirational Stories

We are constantly immersed in stories—from
television news to films, novels and
TV programs. The inspiring real-life
stories we tell here are stories of faith,
hope and love, stories of challenges 
overcome as well as small unexpected
moments of grace.

More importantly, our inspiring true stories
are about and by people like you.
People who have discovered how to
live their lives with more hope and joy
and, through their stories and experiences,
have helped others to do the same.


Recent Inspirational Stories

Marilyn and Chuck rough-house with Logan

They adored their grandson, but were they prepared to raise him?

by Marilyn Turk
, Niceville, Florida

It’s in the tough times that faith, hope and charity are most visible.

by Julia Attaway

Three ways to stay focused when your teen daughter delivers the news.

by Terry Squires

Thoughts about all God's creatures, and how they are made.

by Judy Royal Glenn

Lauren Hill's basketball dreams came true in Mount St. Joseph's season opener.

Lauren Hill, a college freshman fighting a losing battle against an inoperable brain tumor, came out on top in her first collegiate basketball game.

by Brett Leveridge
, New York, New York

No matter your age, you can still fulfill the plans that God has for your life.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

The Lord always sees us with grace-filled love, even if we're hiding in the hostas...

by Peggy Frezon

What do you see in God’s creation during the fall that makes you thankful?

by Judy Royal Glenn

Honor our Founding Fathers by showing up at the voting booth.

by Edward Grinnan

A faithful hound brings a young trick-or-treater back from the brink of fear!

by Peggy Frezon

Don't miss out on the precious things in life because of an ambitious to-do list.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Peggy Frezon's pups pose with 'Dogs to the Rescue' Book by M.R. Wells

This devotional from M.R. Wells connects Bible lessons with our pets' unconditional love.

by Peggy Frezon

An artist's rendering of a pair of red leather gloves

She'd bought black gloves to be practical, only to lose them. If only she could have the red ones she truly wanted.

by Laura Kaye
, New York, New York

Frank Burke pitches for San Francisco Giants during the World Series

Frank Burke gave back the home-run ball that put the San Francisco Giants in the World Series but he got something even more special in return.

by Lisa Swan
, Staten Island, NY

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