"B" Inspired

These four friends traveled everywhere together. Could it be the same now, with one of them gone?

By Laurie Gowdy, Melbourne, Iowa

As appeared in

She swiveled her foot and peeled something off. A yellow sticker. She went to crumple it up, then froze. She turned the sticker in her hand so Laura and I could see what was on it.

A single character. The letter B.


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That was beautiful yet amazing, When reading their story I did feel their sadness and Prayed that from now in their next future trips that they will feel that "B" will always be there in spirit, Thanks for sharing such an emotional yet awesome ending story.
( El Paso Texas)

thats a very touching story and i was amazed how use overcame it after your friend had the big B
thanks for sharing such an amazing touching storie i have ever read since been at school