Evidence of Life After Death

Is there proof of life after death? This hospice nurse has faith that her patients move on to heaven.

By Trudy Harris, Jacksonville, Florida

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Lenora was dying.

She was 54 and had inoperable cancer. She lay in bed on pillows surrounded by fragrant flowers. The two of us were alone in her room.

Lenora’s family was gathered at her house. Suddenly she addressed me sternly.

“Ms. Nurse,” she said, pointing to a corner of the room, “this big angel comes and stands by my bed. Right there. He’s always smiling at me.” She fixed me with a look. “Ms. Nurse, when I see that angel, do you really think I see that angel?”

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Something in Lenora’s tone told me she’d already tried convincing her family about this angel. Years before, when I first started working as a hospice nurse, I might have hesitated answering her question. I knew all too well the effects of medication and exhaustion on a dying brain.

That day, though, I knew exactly what to say. I knew, because years of working with people at the end of their lives had taught me a new, more hopeful and, I believe, more truthful understanding of death. I knew Lenora was seeing more, not less, than the rest of us.

“Yes, you do see that angel, Lenora. He’s right here in the room with you.”

I never planned to become a hospice nurse. In fact, when I entered nursing school in the 1950s, there was no such thing as hospice, the formal program of care for terminally ill people.

As a nurse I wanted to comfort people and save lives, not be there when they ended. If you’d asked me then, I’d probably have said what countless people have said to me over the years: “How depressing to deal with death every day!”

But it isn’t depressing. On the contrary, I mark the day I started work with hospice more than 20 years after I graduated nursing school as the beginning of my real education, an education in hope and joy.

I’ve learned that death is not to be feared. In God’s loving hands it’s the door to peace and everlasting life.

My calling came about almost by accident. I worked for a while for a surgeon until I got married and had kids. I took a break from my career. Then my beloved father-in-law–we called him Grandfather–called one day with the news that he had pancreatic cancer.

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He didn’t have long to live. He and his wife, worried about coping on their own, asked if they could stay with us. Of course.

Soon after Grandfather and Grandmother arrived, I was running errands when I saw a sign for the local hospice organization, started by a minister and a nurse named Paul Brenner and Dottie Dorion. I went in. “I don’t know exactly what you do here, but I think I need you,” I said to Dottie.

Soon, Dottie was helping care for Grandfather, ensuring he was comfortable and spiritually and emotionally prepared for what was happening to him. After he died, Dottie took me aside.

“You’re a born hospice nurse,” she said. “I watched you caring for your father-in-law. You don’t seem to have that fear of death some people have. We’d love to have you as a volunteer.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. True, I was comfortable caring for people at the end of their lives. I’d done it for my dad and for a neighbor named Mary Anne. But they were people I knew.

Dottie was telling me I had a gift. Finally I agreed to volunteer. I had the time now that the oldest of my sons was at college and my husband was traveling less for work.

At once I knew I’d found my calling. Not just because it felt good working again. Not even because I took to helping people in their last days.

I knew hospice was my calling because almost from the day I started, I met people who showed me just how thoroughly I had misunderstood death. I came to understand the joy God has prepared for his children.

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I really hope their is a life after death so I can see my brother and sister again. I worry about it everyday. They were only 21 and 13 and died in a car crash.

I'd like to share my experience as it has totally transformed me. I can tell you that I "know" and no longer just "believe" that we continue on. I look at the world and life very differently today. We are consciousness and upon death our consciousness is released from our physical body, but that is by no means the end. My mom passed away October 1, 2012 from breast cancer. She was 80 and was in hospice at the hospital when she passed on. Towards the end she could no longer communicate and I had this strong sense that I needed to be there when she passed on. I told her that when she made it to heaven to pet my dogs on the head (they had passed away about 3 yrs earlier and we both loved them). One night I went home to get some sleep to go back and be with her and I had this incredible dream, so very detail orientated and I can still remember details to this day...she came out walking above me in a robe (I have no idea where we were but all around was a muted gray color, and her robe was of the same color) and she looked good, like in middle age, her hands were clasped together and she walked out and stopped above me. My beloved dog Spuddy came out prancing (and I mean joyously prancing) behind her - he is one of the dogs who had passed away about 3 yrs earlier. I called up to her "to come down now" but she didn't say anything to me. I was then awakened by the phone ringing, somehow I picked it up on the 1st ring and I just knew before I was even awake what that call was about. It was the hospital telling me she had just passed away. As someone on the other end was talking, the dream just flooded my mind and I sat in awe for quite some time. I know my mom was worried about me as she suffered so for the last three months and I felt helpless to make it stop. I now feel fortunate that I was not there when she passed but was asleep - as mom transcended space & time and connected with me in a way that she could to let me know she is fine (and my dogs are too). It gave me profound comfort. Also I can tell you that I felt my mom's presence with me for about a week after her passing and one night as I was walking my dogs I could feel her leave, almost as if a connection was broken, I felt it slip away... I can also tell you that I had the strangest sense of pure, sheer gratitude and love that stayed with me until Christmas of that year. I remember thinking how odd these emotions were and I was gratefully donating cans of food and money to charities and giving my mom's clothes to a shelter. In a way I can tell you I felt a sense of pure love that was incredible. I wish I could feel the pureness of those emotions again.

I saw my uncle Owen (who passed yrs ago) standing in my home an hospital room watching over me while i had double pneumonia. Everyone still thinks im crazy . They say i was hallousinating. But i know what i saw . I never met him but i have his gift to draw.i have two daughters maddybrooke an kd belle. Young kd has his gift as well. Ive had a streak of bad luck here lately. ive gotta have surgery next week...im worried all i ask for is prayers for the Logan family. I dont know if this counts as a story but it is real .. please pray for us thank u...

I am very sure you did see your uncle. I hope surgery went well and your recovery has been complete and swift. God Bless! Sandy

Prayers to u and ur family.

A day or two before my dad passed away from cancer he was laying in his bed, and I was standing beside him. His eyes looked past me at the foot of his bed, and he was starring at something like he saw someone there, but couldn't believe his eyes. It was as if he was wondering if there was really someone standing at the end of his bed. I asked him, "What do you see? Is there someone there?" He looked at me as if he were embarrassed and he said, "Nothing, I don't see anything." I feel like he did see someone, and I wish that he trusted me enough to share what he saw with me. He passed away a couple days or so later.

Another time I was working night shift at a nursing home. I was walking down a hall and I saw someone walking at the other end of the hall. They were more like gliding down the hall and around the corner. They had shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a long white bathrobe. I ran down the hall because I thought that a paitient was up wandering the halls. There was no one there. I checked all the rooms on that end of the hall. Everyone was in bed asleep. I went to the nurses station and asked the nurse what paitient there had a long white bathrobe. She said, "No one." Now I question myself if I was seeing things or did I see a spirit?

Several other things have happened, and I could go on and on but it would be too much to write about here.

Two years before I was born, my grandfather had a major heart attack and died. Yes, he seriously died. It took the medics several tries to bring him back. In fact, they kept trying long after they were supposed to. Well, when he was alive again, they told him that he'd been brought back to life nine times. He had died nine times. The last time he was dead for a total of seven minutes. They didn't expect him to make it out of the hospital because the heart attack was so severe. But my grandfather knew he would make it out of the hospital and live on for fifteen more years. He told my grandmother that he remembered something during that seven minutes he was dead the last time. He said, "I remember seeing a hand--not reaching out to grab me, but pushing me back, like I couldn't go just yet, like there was something more I had to do with my life before I died. It turns out that he was right. Because two years later I was born, and my parents didn't want nothing to do with me, so my grandfather and my grandmother adopted me and raised me themselves. They did the same thing for my little sister when she was born and given away two years after that. My grandfather's purpose was to raise me and my little sister. I have a feeling that hand was God's or something saying it's not your time to go just yet. He died when I was fourteen of esophagus and stomach cancer.

I read your essay with tears in my eyes. My dear 86 year old mother had Congestive Heart failure and was in a rehabilitation unit of a local nursing home. She'd been there for approximately a month and a half when the head nurse contacted me about discharge. She asked me to come to meet with her on an afternoon, which I did. Before I went in, I stopped by my mother's room. I visited every day, but usually in the evening. Never, EVER did we discuss death. My mother was swollen with fluid, but her attitude was always upbeat. On this afternoon, however, something odd happened. She was alone in the room, sitting in a wheelchair. I was pleasant and happy to see her, but the first thing she said to me was, "I'm finished, Ronnie. I can't do anything anymore." I know they'd been trying to make her exercise, and my mother was oftentimes stubborn and didn't like the nurses at ALL. But this day, she just seemed to throw in the towel. Then, after a pause, she said something that has come back to me countless times. "I have a feeling I'm going to be in Heaven soon." As I said, we'd never discussed death before, so this hit me like a ton of bricks (I was 60 then, this was January of 2013). I responded with, "what makes you say that, ma?" She replied, "I just have a feeling. I keep seeing Florence." Florence was her two-years younger sister who died quite suddenly in 2004, and they'd always been close. Suddenly, I was called away to the meeting. I fully expected to discuss my mother's discharge, but instead they suggested putting her in hospice and letting her disease run its natural course. I was knocked out, almost literally. Combined with what my mother said, I wondered if they hadn't mentioned this to her--which sparked mom's comment. But they'd said nothing to her. My sister and I decided not to put mom in hospice because we felt there was hope. Less than two weeks later, my mother died suddenly from an MI. I was the only child in the area, and I rushed to the nursing home (this was in the afternoon). She'd just passed away, and they left me alone with her. I pulled up a chair, held her hand and studied her face. This was my dear mother, I realized, though her lips were gray instead of pink. She was still very warm. Overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, I got up and threw my arms around her, kissed her forehead, and brushed back her hair--the same hair I used to comb as a little boy. I couldn't believe my sweet mother was gone from me. I still can't believe it...but I had the definite feeling her spirit was hovering in the room, waiting for me to get there. She heard me, I know. This is, by far, the greatest tragedy of my life. It was hard losing my dad in 1998, but he'd been sick for a long time, so it wasn't totally unexpected. My mother was always healthy and ambulatory and fun-loving. And now, I sometimes think of her saying to me, "I have the feeling I'm going to be in Heaven soon." Those words have changed my life.

I,there is life after death.Before my father he was in the hospital very I'll.I had a talk with him.I told him that if he dies to please don't haunt me or appear on me as a ghost,I told him to give me a sign that your Ok.When he passed away,a month later I got that signs.At my job I work in production,one of the parts that I work with an image of a mans face appeared on it,on his left side of his forehead,theirs an image of another man with a crown of thorns(Jesus).I have the pictures,but I show them to people and they think I'm crazy or laugh at me,they don't believe me.I took a picture of my mom sitting in kitchen table by her self and on the chair next to her their is a image of a face to.I compared some pictures of my dad and they have a resemblance to him,so theirs my sign.But everybody has their own opinion.

It is real! Our loved ones and God love us enough to give us comfort. Do not let anyone take the comfort away.

That's a very selective description of what terminally ill people experience before they die. There are far more stories of people who see utterly meaningless "visions" before they die; Many people who are heavily medicated start reliving experiences that happened far in the past - Remembering where they left their bookbag decades ago, and at the same time don't recognize their closest relatives in the present. Does that prove that in the great scheme of things God cares more about a person's bookbag than about the person's relatives? This is hardly proof of anything.

On the other hand, perhaps if fewer people were less concerned with silly superstitions and self-delusions about what will happen to us when we cease to exist, and care more about life - about reality - maybe we could cure many of those terminal diseases, instead of having to subject so many people to senseless suffering.

The voice of reason among all of the wishful thinking.

Actually, it's been proven,in several studies, that as people near death they sometimes re-live experiences from the far past and their early life, and some with out being on any medications at all. The subjects that were studied and actually lived to tell about it stated it was more of a quick timeline of their life flashing in front of them; old memories that they'd long forgot about even memories they didn't know they had from early childhood days, family they had missed, and most people studied stated they had a flash of some kind of relationship needing to be resolved. Most things people recalled were memories that has been stored in the subconscious mind. It isn't described as "self-delusions" as some may interpret but instead of a heightened awareness. It's been said that people who are close to death are more aware then the rest of us, tho they may appear to be absent minded they in fact are said to know more about everything going on than we do. Like they are seeing the entire picture as to where we are only seeing what we choose.

I too am a Hospice nurse, and not all patients are heavily medicated before death. Though I've not had any patients say they've seen angels, I have had patients who are extremely aware and know that they are about to die. Maybe it's because the body starts to break down sooner than the mind that patients are not always able to tell us what they see or feel, because they cannot get their body to communicate what the mind is trying to tell us.

I can say there is a Heaven and Hell. I Was in a major motorcycle accident back in 1985, I was saved. After 3 1/2 months in intensive care with calapsed lungs and every broken bone imaginable.

The hospital called All my family back that night said I will not make it thru the night, many doctors are in working on him now, if you wish to say your goob byes you need to come back quickly.

That night, my family came back everyone of them where called back. The power of prayer I felt it being pumped into me and it felt so good so so strong yet I felt my soul slipping out of my body. I remember opening my eyes and my sister was holding my right hand I said pray don't stop it feels so good.

After hours of fighting to keep my body alive my soul was taken, but I saw a vision unlike the rest. My vision was of Hell with Steel Door as High as you can Emagin and thicker than any Bank Safe you have even seen in your life. My soul was being pulled into this horrible place and I could not getaway. Then from my right Jesus sitting at the right hand side of the father said, forgive him for he has Not Yet Learned. The gates closed and my soul was restored to my body.

Some say it was the medication some say it was a dream. My answer to that is, I was there for 3 1/2 months. Why is that the Only Dream I remember?

I believe you. Read Dr. John Lerma's books. He us a hospice physician. There is no need to prove to non believers. It is their loss. Why they need to " prove or insist" people did not have an experience is just arrogant.

I am a Christian and did not believe this 40 days visitation until my mum passed away last month. The first week or during the 9 days after her passing, there were signs that she came to visit me by unmistakable smells and fragrance. The first one was the unmistakable smell of my mother with her skin moisturizer; the second one was the same smell plus fragrance of a flower which I did not really know what kind of flower it was. The third time which lasted the longest, about 6 to 8 seconds was totally the fragrance of the flower which was a strong fragrance. The next day I went to my friend's house and his friend who was staying with him got to know about this and went to my friend's garden and brought back some flowers which is JASMINE and it was exactly 100% the fragrance I experienced the night before. After that, I am a total believer in this 40 day-visitation. My church actually forbids us to believe in all this and told us that the soul sleeps after death until resurrection day but now I Know this is not true - the soul does visit their loved-ones and give signs to try to comfort them. I am comforted by the signs but I am still in great agony because the loss is real in a physical sense where I could not see her physically anymore and I do not have the chance anymore to care for her, cook for her, wash her laundry, buy her favourite foods, etc.. And now that she is gone, I only realized that it was a privilege and enjoyment to serve her while she was alive because we enjoyed talking to each other very much and she was always there for me no matter what! And I will always remember that My Mother is the only person in the world that truly loves me unconditionally.

I was abused my entire childhood, my dad left me around a year old. My mom married a guy who hit me and made fun of me. My half sister is constantly treated better than me, and my brain is sick and no one but my doctor believes me even after showing proof. I have few friends, I'm constantly poor, and with all this and more I started going to church to find proof, it was a joke. There is no EVIDENCE, there is no god, no heaven, and hell is just another word for life. Humans are ignorant, and so cruel to eachother. If god was real, he'd be better off wiping this planet clean ASAP. I hate people, and if I didn't have kids I'd have left society long ago. I am good to people, but I get shat on regardless. I am so very tired, physically and mentally, I want away from them, every human or there. I am so very exausted from life, if heaven IS supposedly there, then I want to go now because I'm tired of suffering! Oh and MONEY IS PAPER, its a human concept, so are curse words, and all of these little ignorant things That are pointless to his against either. I have proof god doesn't exist, Humans.

I am sorry for your struggles and I hope one day you find peace. Find a way to live through your children's happiness. Not all humans are evil. Don't give up on humanity just yet. You will need to let go of your past. It's over. It will only haunt you if you allow it to. Don't let ignorance destroy the rest of your life. I cannot relate to you. I have no idea what it was like for you growing up. But for your own sanity you need to let go. Hang in there...

Dear Mr Thompson, cant imagine what you have been made to feel in your life, many human beings are scum on this earth, here is your chance to outshine the ones that have hurt you, you have children yourself, show them love and relish in the love you get back from them, raise your kids the way you wish you could have been raised, with love and laughter and support and guidance, god doesn't have to have anything to do with it.Be a good human being in the face of all the pain you have suffered. I hope you one day find some peace and harmony and the strength to forgive the ones that hurt you, or at least learn to live with it and not let it follow you and bring you down. I hope you are happy or can find the happiness you need in your kids. The world today is on a fast track to greed and to cherish only things which can be bought and to idealize monetary wealth.Sometimes the best things in life are free (I know we still have to pay the bills rent mortgage food etc) but it costs nothing to sit and talk or talk and walk and have a carry on and laugh with your kids, I know life isnt as simple as this but sometimes you just need to STOP! sit back, breath and come to the realization of what is really important, at the end of the day its not about having the big car the big flashy house(it is to some people but im not wanting to be one of that lot)you can lie to other pople but you cannot lie to yourself. I wish you peace in life.

Mr Thompson, Jesus Christ was the Man of pain and suffering. He suffered more than any of us. And He did that for you and me. He loves you so much, that's why He died for you, to save you from hell and sins. Please, give Him a chance. Pray to Him to come into your heart and life. I will pray for you tonight. Jesus is the Answer you have been looking for. You can't be happy and find your goal in life apart from Him.

Jesus bless you!


If you want, we can talk more. This is my email adress :


Andreea you said that Jesus has suffered more than any of us. Well I have been fortunate. I have never been tortured or anything close to that. I have never been abused. I have been free of serious illness.

But, there have been people on this earth who have experienced torture. What about the Nazi doctors during the Holocaust what they did to the Jews? Didn't these people suffer as much, if not more than Jesus did on the Cross. And even today in too many places to mention in this short post, extreme torture goes on. And how about burn victims? Extreme burns cause a lot of pain compatible with if not worse than Crucifixion.

Crucifixion was a common practice among the Romans back then, used on people before and after it was used on Jesus. So those other people suffered as much as Jesus did.

Actually before the whole crucifixion thing Jesus was having a pretty good life for someone back then. There was no indication he was abused by his parents. He lived I guess what you would call a Middle Class lifestyle. He never had to worry about hunger. From every account he was free from disease and wasn't deformed or anything life that. Yes, his life ended in a very painful manner, but again it was a manner unfortunately others suffered as well before and after Jesus was crucified negating the claim that "he suffered more than any of us".

Yes he suffered more than I have, and more than most people have, but you only need to look at history to see cases of people who have suffered more than Jesus did.

It was not merely physical that Jesus suffered. Even though he truly did suffer severe torture, as much to the point that one could not recognize his face. It was that for a moment God separated from Jesus because God could not be part of sin. The whole worlds sin(past, present, and future) was put upon Jesus Christ to the point he became sin. Being separated from God is the worst punishment in the universe. This punishment was reserved for us because God cannot have any part in sin, but He loved us so much that He gave His prized possesion His only begotten son Jesus Christ as a debt payment, atononing for all who believe in name of Jesus Christ. You can't earn your way into heaven, nor can you buy it. You have to simply believe that Jesus paid your debt, and conquered sin and death by coming back to life again. He bore the worst torture known to the universe that you might have a chance at eternity. He loves you, all of you so much, that price was paid in blood, the blood of a righteous God.

I'm truly sorry for the pain you have experienced. If I could, I would take all of it away and erase every bad memory. I am a stranger, I have never met you, but I care for you. God loves you too. He always has. This life has proven time and time again to be cruel, but we have hope in Him that our eternity will be different. Be strong. I'll be praying for you and when you think no one in this world cares about you, remember that this stranger does.

Mr T... Think long and hard about the question I will ask. Have anyone benefited from your horrible childhood experience that made them better in life now? Everything is done with a plan by God. Some people are to go through things to make it better for a flew of people. Trust me you will be rewarded. Just Believe what you went through was not in vein, but a purposeful reason for others.

When a child loses a parent at a young age there's nothing good about it. Sure the child must carry on but looking for a "Silver lining" which doesn't exist is just wrong headed.

I like your answer. It makes a lot of sense

god believes in you,,

My mam died recently at 86 in hospital. She suffered she asked me to let her go. I told her I couldn't. No one could. I told her when the bus came if there was a seat for her she could get on. That calmed her. About 5 days before she died she told me a tall white figure appeared at her bed for sometime then left. Two days before she died she couldn't communicate and didn't open her eyes. I continuously talked to her although she didn't or couldn't acknowledge me I told her her grandson David was coming to see her from about 200 miles away. The night she died part of the family were there David arrived and that meant the whole family were there. He talked to her then 15 minutes later she died. Bearing in mind she hadn't communicated off nearly two days and was unconscious she knew what was going on in the concious world. What can we concur from that.

Your mam was kind of out of it when she saw the tall white figure. And as for her grandson, you were fortunate that she had enough left in her to wake up and talk to her. She obviously had enough consciousness left to wake up when she heard he arrived.

It is a beautiful story that I hope you can cherish. But it doesn't prove the existence of life after death. My condolence on your lost. I know a lost of a parent is difficult regardless of the age you lose them.

Or was it your grandma? Still a very painful experience that for many of us is our first experience of death on a personal level. I remember the death of my grandparents and indeed it was hard even though I was in my 20s for most of them although I did have a grandfather who died when I was 13 and indeed that was painful especially seeing how it effected my Dad. Again my condolence.

Mr Sidney

Are you an athiest sir? Do you think your posts are helping?

Dear John,

Your mum definitely heard you eventhough she didn't responded. And in fact, hearing is the last thing to go when the person is at that moment of passing over according to Science. But I know our deceased loved ones continue to see and hear us even after that. Did you get any signs that your mum came to visit you after that especially in the first two weeks after her passing for example strong fragrance of flowers like Jasmine? I have talked to a former Staff Nurse who goes to the same Church as I do and she confirmed my experience because she had always smelled that fragrance while she was working at the hospital and it was always during the first two weeks after someone had passed away. And this doesn't have anything to do with hallucinations due to grieving because she and the other nurses would experience it eventhough they don't really know the deceased! Well, looks like we got a lot to learn from the Soul World! Lastly, my deepest condolences to you and I know how you feel because my mum also had just passed away on 8 December 2013 and honestly, I still do not know how to handle this as I miss her terribly and would cry when no one's looking!

I am just reading theses stories and got a chill when I read your mom died Dec 8, 2013. My husband of 27 years died the same day.I hope all these stories I am reading are tru and he really is in a better place, I miss him so much I cry every day for him.

My mother was only 50 y/o when she passed away in 2011 from breast cancer. I was only 29 when I was told to check her in to hospice. Being my mother was fully aware of her surroundings she knew the chemo doctors could no longer do anything for her. I told her we could go home and simply leave it up to God. It is said Science may dictate something based on findings but at the end it ultimately up to God. My mother accepted to go home instead. We arrived home Friday and by Monday mom passed away. Ironically the next day was my 3rd year anniversary. A couple of days before she passed she told me my gramma her mother came to visit her. My gramma had already passed. It is said those that go before us do so, so when it's out time to go they are on the other side waiting or come over so were not scared to move forward. Witnessing my moms passing was very difficult. As I saw her intake of oxygen decrease I knew the end was coming. She no longer opened her eyes and was slowly shutting down. At the time I leaned forward and hugged her tight and said it would be fine with me if she saw her parents and wanted to go. It was the hardest thing to basically tell my mom that it was going to be fine if she wanted to go. Through this experience I've learned that no matter how much I loved my mom I had to love her more, so I could let her go. I didn't want her to suffer anymore so I had to accept letting her go.

My mom died in November of 2012. She was a Christian woman. But two dAs befor she died, she started talking about a man was n the room. She would ask us to make him leave. Once she said "get him off of me!" As I stated, she lived a Christian life. Please tell me what that was. Please.....please...

Oh, that's so horrible. Was your mother a born again christian? Did she have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ?

when i was 6 y/o, it was in the middle of 6 pm, my old brother and my niece she was 1 that time, my brother he carried my niece on his back and hemake me cry because im jelous. i cried to much and lying on the ground until i was stop and idont know what happen to me next.my whole family was there.during that time, i flew up and i look down i saw the light in the houses and i was near from the top of the mountain and i saw only one plant in the side and i look my lower body i wear a long white dress and i look transparent i woke up and my whole family carried me and they do anything to wake me up i felt my sister bite me on my toe and i saw them crying. after i drink one glass of water i ask them what happen to me.

My suggestion to you is to get off the drugs!

I recently lost my mother at 73 yrs of age suddenly in my arms Imiss her so much she left 9 beutiful grandchildren I am happy she had time to enjoy them they were her life I want to say reading everyones stories is helping me cope with moms death a little better till i see her again thankyou to all who shared their stories

I'm so sorry for your loss Dave. I lost my mother April 1, 13. It is hard for me as well. I feel she has gone on to something better and I will see her again some day. The readings do help. Take care and God bless.

February 2011..My mom came to our house to ask us kids to come down.I,my wife and my son go down that's the day we know the reason dad is sick he has lung cancer and was given as they put it as short time left.It wasn't three days later Hospice is there two weeks before he passes my brother and I take off work and were hands on to help mom. Days go by and he gets weaker and weaker.I ask him if he is ready to go? He says yes, I've made my peace with God but,I'm not ready to die soon he is talking to people we can't see having conversations with his parents while he is " in and out". Later I ask him who he was talking to he tells me your grandparents are here and Jesus. Now, you know how you get the feeling your being watched or an un explainable peace is where you are that's the feeling I had at that moment. I asked him what Jesus looks like dad says nothing like we have ever seen he is truly beautiful. This turns out to be his last night on earth but,what happens next is what confermed my faith.we are sitting with dad and one by one people go to bed I am the last one up and I need my brothers help with dad going to the bathroom well we had to change him and he's sooo week that he can bairly stand I tell dad to put his arms around my neck he stood there looking me straight in my eyes I didn't realize what was happening but,he was telling me bye we put him back to bed I bring his legs up and then notice they had a bluish tent to them.My brother lays back down and dad motions me over and says I walked out the door with Jesus we looked back at all of you around my bed and walked down to your house went inside seen all my grand kids.He names all who were there and named my sons friend Dustin dad never met Dustin. Dad said Jesus asked me if I was ready he said no not just yet Jesus said ill be right here when your ready. Mom wasn't ready for him to go and a little later mom wakes up checks on dad I don't tell her about our conversation yet she tells dad when you ready I'm ready. She lays back down and I hear mom say a prayer Lord,please take him. She falls back asleep I watch dad sleeping and then he starts to push his oxygen tube off of his head I put it back he pushes it again we play this game for a little bit then he starts to breathe funny making a gargling sound.The alarm goes off and after my wife checks on dad I walk her home she got ready for work I walk back down to the house and find that dad had passed he had waited until no one was awake,or with him.He alwaysed had to have the last word have things his way even on his death bed he has re last word and he got his way.To know my dad is to know the only time he spoke of God was taking his name in vein and for him to tell me what he saw,who he talked to just shows me that the Love of God is real and he shows us everyday just how much.We didn't have the younger grand kids there they didn't want to be and they didn't understand what was going on besides dad said no and,for dad to tell me who was at my house there is no other explanation.The love of God changed a man who thought he was beyond help or it's too late for me ect.When I tell this story to people it always ends in tears. I'm just glad I got to be apart of the conversation if you could've seen the look on his face when he was telling me this I knew it to be true but, we have to have proof and now I have it and hope that you who reads this will find the same peace that God brought my dad...

My mother died of lung cancer on April 1, 2013. I busted out crying after I reading your story. Thank-you for writing it.

One day people will come to realize that the physical body is only the suit they wear to experience life in the physical world. But it is NOT who you are. You become MORE of who you really are when the body dies. Why? Because your senses are no longer limited by the physical senses and your soul is free to express itself has God originally meant it to. Life in the body is just a short journey in time and space. An experience among an infinite number that the soul has and will experience during it's life in eternity. Hard to believe? Maybe, but the truth is there for anyone who is willing to do the research with an open mind and heart.

Science if anything has indicated that the physical world is all there is to everything. Any other believe comes from our own insecurities. Religion has been part of the psyche of humans long before the Jadeo-Christian world. How about the Hindus and Buddha? I bring them up merely to point out that they had a tradition and sacred books and such.

To believe in Christianity (or even Judaism) you have to believe that God plays favors and only revels Him/Her/It self to only one particular culture? Wouldn't God reveal to all cultures?

Also it makes sense to see how ignorant humans could latch on to something like Christianity. Only a less than a few hundred years ago Joseph Smith, a con man, made some outrageous claims yet people believed him and followed this new religion that now has thousands and thousands if not millions of people as members. So the ease at which people will believe something has been proven.

We want to believe which makes it so easy. Some say that our brains are actually structured in a way that makes us want to believe in God because it had some kind of evolutionary advantage. We make connections and associations which works most of the time but sometimes we make connections that are wrong. Also faith often gives us boldness that could be an advantage too. But just because Faith is powerful and beneficial it doesn't make it truth.

Christians first has to prove there is a God, but then they have to prove that their particular interpretation of events surrounding Jesus is truth as well. They haven't even proven the first and of course without proving the first they can't even prove the harder assertion regarding Jesus.

It is so logical to trace how this religion was formed and why without going into the super natural. If God exists I wish He/She/It would reveal him/her/itself in a time like this where we do have things like the scientific method and an basic understanding of how the world works instead of making the reveal at a time when we were still in the grips of ignorance and superstition. We could film it for future generations who weren't around for the reveal.


The Bible says that God has made his existence abundantly obvious to humans, so there is no excuse for denying him. So he has revealed himself to everyone. The Bible also says that everyone KNOWS that God exists, although they may verbally deny it (even to themselves).

Also, you said that Christians first have to prove that there is a God. But the way I see it, it's atheists who have to prove that there isn't a God. You say that in today's world, we have science as proof for why God doesn't exist, but science fails to answer the most basic questions of life like "Who or what created the universe?" But Christianity does answer questions like that.

You say that humans naturally want to believe in God, but don't acknowledge the possibility that it's God who is constantly trying to get us to believe in Him. And in today's society, it's actually a human tendency to disbelieve in anything we can't see. Our minds are so wrapped up in science that we have a hard time accepting anything that we can't logically explain or understand, so we just deny it's existence or say it's impossible.

I have been searching for more proof of afterlife. I really wanted to know so very badly as my only comfort is knowing that my brother is well in where he is. The day he choose his path. He only leave us a sentence tell us what kind funeral he wanted. He left behind regret for us.. I have witness death once. so I really like to know the truth...

I share your search.

I want to believe.

But I want to believe in something is real.

Perhaps the truth is that all there is, is all there is. For a moment ponder that. Does anything refute that?

Again, I want to believe, but I just don't see any indication of an existence outside the one we know. There is no mechanism for consciousness to exist outside of the brain. And we know that personality can be changed by physical factors. You don't even have to be dead to "die" in the sense of not being "who you are" in the sense that if you consider "soul" being your essence. Certain brain injuries make you not even you anymore.

Where do "you go" when you are unconscious. The answer is obvious, you don't go anywhere. It's just that the part of the brain that makes you conscious isn't working for some reason. So if you can believe that why can't you believe that when there's a permanent dysfunction of your brain (ie death) you don't go anywhere either. It's just that the brain can never produce your consciousness again, just like when you are unconscious with the important and obvious except on that when you are merely unconscious the brain hasn't permanently lost the ability for consciousness but for that period time it has and you don't "Go anywhere."

It's understandable why we don't want to believe what should be an easy concept to believe. I want to believe. I would love to be proven differently.

Read the Bible and you will find the truth. Let Jesus into your heart and you will be changed. Please, let Him save you, because hell is horrible.

Be blessed by Him!

There has been many religious texts for as long as there has been writing. We can trace the development of at least the New Testament. Did you know that there were certain text thrown out of the Bible?

What makes the Bible different from the Rigveda, the Bhagavad Gita, the Quran, or most recently the Book of Mormon? All of these text claim to divinely inspired. You just believe the Bible because that's your cultural background but for someone who grew up in a different culture they would believe in a different book.

Wouldn't God be revealed to all cultures instead of "choosing a favorite"?

Dear Sidney, I think we should respect all religions. All religions (in their original form) are built on two main principals; love God and love your neighbor. How this world began, how it will end or what happens when I die are bIg questions yes. But a more important question is how will I live my life? Will I give more than I take? Can I reach out to someone in need. Love with no expectation of return? These are the qualities that make us truly human, wether we call ourselves believers or not!

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