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Life After Death





Is there life after death? Many people would respond with a resounding
yes! It’s not just faith that tells them that crossing over is not the end;

it’s signs from loved ones who have died, messages that bring
solace and healing. Some describe having a near-death experience 
in which they catch a glimpse of heaven.

Their inspiring stories strengthen the belief that a connection
exists between the here and the hereafter, that love never
dies but lasts for eternity.

Recent Life After Death Stories

L to R: Brandi, Laura, Laurie and Kathy

These four friends traveled everywhere together. Could it be the same now, with one of them gone?

by Laurie Gowdy
, Melbourne, Iowa

Josh Groban performs for a live audience.

You'll be inspired as the popular vocalist sings of our shared longing for assurance that our departed loved ones are still with us.

Yes, angels are real, and people often see them as they are dying. Yes, people close to death see loved ones who have died before them...

by Trudy Harris

An artist's rendering of Janis' father accompanied by a pair of winged angels

A stroke left her hovering between life and the hereafter, but a familiar voice told her it was not yet her time.

by Janis Murphy
, Murray, Kentucky

A car radio dial with the words "Life After Life" on it
It was a station their radio wasn’t programmed to receive, but the connection was made, loud and clear.
by Caroline Updyke
, Short Hills, New Jersey

So many stories of near-death experiences describe heaven, angels and music the exact same way...

by Trudy Harris

Through Jessie’s life and death, God showed us we could do anything he asked of us.

by Trudy Harris

Dennis Hale

Twenty-eight men died when the freighter Daniel J. Morrell sank in Lake Huron; there was just one survivor. This is his story. 

by Daniel Kessel
, New York, New York

During his near-death experience, the man saw a white city so beautiful it took his breath away...

by Trudy Harris

Ben Breedlove

Ben Breedlove lived a rich, if brief, life, and in the video he made just before his death, he offered reassurance to those he left behind.

As she struggled to believe what was happening, Jesus walked over and placed his hands on top of hers.

by Trudy Harris

In the days before her death, her children heard her talking to her daughter, her son and her husband in heaven...

by Trudy Harris

Once again we are given evidence of the afterlife and hear of loved ones comforted by the unseen heart of our Creator...

by Trudy Harris

She felt as if God himself had spoken to her and given peace to her worried heart...

by Trudy Harris

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