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Life After Death





Is there life after death? Many people would respond with a resounding
yes! It’s not just faith that tells them that crossing over is not the end;

it’s signs from loved ones who have died, messages that bring
solace and healing. Some describe having a near-death experience 
in which they catch a glimpse of heaven.

Their inspiring stories strengthen the belief that a connection
exists between the here and the hereafter, that love never
dies but lasts for eternity.

Recent Life After Death Stories

The powerful story of how a beloved husband knew he was being called home to heaven, and was unafraid.

by Trudy Harris

How God comforts us from heaven, allowing our loved ones to visit us at unexpected times.

by Trudy Harris

They comforted each other for as long as they could. And then one night Jack went on to heaven.

by Trudy Harris

When people speak of seeing heaven, they almost always describe the same things: the beautiful city, the light, love. 

by Trudy Harris

Angel at the gate of heaven

An angel comforts a young girl after her grandfather passes away.

by Carol Wolfenberger
, Yukon, Oklahoma

Angel at the gate of heaven

Somehow she managed to give her gift to the nuns, even after death.

by Mary Jones
, The Villages, Florida

Angel at the gate of heaven

A Bible verse helps this woman realize she still has her father's love after his death.

by Celia Bridges
, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Brock Hudson after his near-death experience and prescient dream

His near-death experience was a vivid dream of the battle between life and death being waged inside of him.

by Brock Hudson
, Houston, Texas

The day before her father's death, her mother noticed a wonderful warm light around him. Was it Jesus’ way of letting her know that he was about to be called home to heaven?

by Trudy Harris

Bill and Moira were a very devout couple with a deep and abiding faith in God and in each other, and they remained that way even after her diagnosis.

by Trudy Harris

Brian Clark, the executive who received a message from the hereafter

The colleague he lost in the collapse of the South Tower on 911 returned to reassure him that "all is well."

by Brian Clark
, Mahwah, New Jersey

Over that past 30 years, I have found that what children say when they're dying can often bring peace and comfort to their grieving parents.

by Trudy Harris

Slowly but surely his energy and appetite were ebbing away due to his illness. He was declining, just a little bit more each time I saw him, and he seemed contented and unafraid.

by Trudy Harris

Many people are distraught when they weren't at their loved ones' side when they entered heaven. But no one ever dies alone.

by Trudy Harris

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