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Life After Death





Is there life after death? Many people would respond with a resounding
yes! It’s not just faith that tells them that crossing over is not the end;

it’s signs from loved ones who have died, messages that bring
solace and healing. Some describe having a near-death experience 
in which they catch a glimpse of heaven.

Their inspiring stories strengthen the belief that a connection
exists between the here and the hereafter, that love never
dies but lasts for eternity.

Recent Life After Death Stories

When faced with the certainty of death, it is possible to find peace and a deeper insight, as these inspiring stories prove.

by Trudy Harris

She felt her grandfather's presence from far away, and she knew—without having to be told—that he had died.

by Trudy Harris

Many people tell me about the experiences God allows them to have following the loss of a loved one. In this story, a grieving woman and her brother are comforted by a long-forgotten card that convinces them their parents are together in heaven for eternity.

by Trudy Harris

Dealing with unimaginable pain, a mother reaches out for comfort and meaning after her son's death.

by Trudy Harris

A little comfort from the hereafter gives one mom the faith she needed to be a great mother of the bride.

by Kathryn Slattery
, Contributing Editor

Five books on life, death and the afterlife that help us see and understand things from a slightly different perspective.

by Trudy Harris

In their final moments before death, people often speak a few last words. These final messages are often simple yet profound. I'd like to share a few that have moved me.

by Trudy Harris

She waited to die until her birthday, and until she knew that her little sister was already in heaven.

by Trudy Harris

Months after his death, at their annual Christmas dinner, her father's watch stopped and she knew that he was there with them.

by Trudy Harris

A nervous choral singer gets an encouraging message from the hereafter.

by Fran Boldt
, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Trudy Harris shares the story of a beloved brother close to death who was too ill to talk or sit up on his own—yet there he sat, arms upraised and glowing with joy, and speaking in a clear, strong voice.

by Trudy Harris

After reading about another mother dealing with her child's death, a reader asks Trudy for advice about healing her own grief.

by Trudy Harris


In a turbulent world, tending flowers and plants from those we love strengthens the bonds between us.

by Ellen Michaud

A near death experience proves that miracles still happen.

by Trudy Harris

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