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Life After Death





Is there life after death? Many people would respond with a resounding
yes! It’s not just faith that tells them that crossing over is not the end;

it’s signs from loved ones who have died, messages that bring
solace and healing. Some describe having a near-death experience 
in which they catch a glimpse of heaven.

Their inspiring stories strengthen the belief that a connection
exists between the here and the hereafter, that love never
dies but lasts for eternity.

Recent Life After Death Stories

John D. Johnson, rake in hand

A friend, who refused to take no for an answer, wins one last genial debate from the world beyond.

by Jerry D. Johnson
, Loudon, Tennessee

A photograph of a giant tree

In honor of Earth Day, read how a near-death experience inspired a Michigan tree farmer to launch a reforestation project.

by David Milarch
, Copemish, Michigan

Understanding that death is a physical, emotional and spiritual experience, and timing is everything.

by Trudy Harris

Why we should all learn to listen, really listen, to those around us who are on their way to heaven.

by Trudy Harris

A man finds comfort in an unexpected place after his wife has gone on to heaven.

by Trudy Harris

A young girl sits on her grandmother's knee listening to her sing.

Grandma hadn’t been stolen from me. I finally understood that those we love will always be with us—even after death.

by Melissa Young

The innocent faith of a small child who was close to death.

by Trudy Harris

A moving Scandinavian tradition for those near death hits close to home.

by Trudy Harris

Somehow she sensed when God was calling them home to heaven.

by Trudy Harris

As it became clear that he was close to death, a son made a startling revelation to his father.

by Trudy Harris

An artist's rendering of the photo of Sr. Joesphine's mother fluttering down

A nun's faith is rewarded when her bond with her departed mother is confirmed.

by Sr. Josephine Palmeri
, Morristown, New Jersey

How do we cope when we aren't by a loved one's side as they are nearing death?

by Trudy Harris

I was not sure what told me that Diane was about to die, but I knew it was imminent.

by Trudy Harris

Honoring a man who honored God as he departs for his reward in heaven.

by Trudy Harris

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