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Life After Death





Is there life after death? Many people would respond with a resounding
yes! It’s not just faith that tells them that crossing over is not the end;

it’s signs from loved ones who have died, messages that bring
solace and healing. Some describe having a near-death experience 
in which they catch a glimpse of heaven.

Their inspiring stories strengthen the belief that a connection
exists between the here and the hereafter, that love never
dies but lasts for eternity.

Recent Life After Death Stories

If we believe that we came from God and will return to him one day, why are we afraid to be alone as we near death?

by Trudy Harris

An artist's rendering of an airborne bunch of red balloons

A widow missing her departed husband on Valentine's Day is unexpectedly presented with a very special token of their love.

by Jeanne Glasgow
, Tucson, Arizona

Don and Mary Elizabeth Rathbun

A tender smooch at the strike of 12 restores an Ohio widow's faith that her husband is watching over her.

by Mary Elizabeth Rathbun
, Columbus, Ohio

She'd never really known about God or visited church but was now experiencing a newfound peace in those tending to her.

by Trudy Harris

Dorothy Heschke

A niece who never knew her uncle longs to meet the woman he hoped to marry after World War II.

by Dorothy Heschke
, Henning, Minnesota

How a butterfly, that symbol of change, comforted one woman when she most needed it.

by Trudy Harris

An artist's rendering of a cardinal perched on a snow-covered birdbath

Her husband had always talked to cardinals. Was he talking to her now from the afterlife through a persistent red bird?

by Dorothy Crawford
, Houston, Texas

I learned early on in my hospice career that the Holy Spirit is present to all people as they enter heaven.

by Trudy Harris

The final words spoken before death are significant both for those speaking them and for those of us who are listening. They are a glimpse into the compassionate heart of God.

by Trudy Harris

This Exodus quote, and the words of those near death, remind us that angels are God’s gift to us.

by Trudy Harris

Moments of light often come to us through the people and circumstances God allows us to experience. Consider the friends and acquaintances no longer here on Earth who have been a moment of light for you.

by Trudy Harris

A brick layer plies his trade

A man who fills in when a contractor misses a delivery appointment seems sent from heaven above.

by Tim Sherrill
, Sherrill's Ford, North Carolina

Sharing a Christmas poem written long ago and wishing you and yours all the blessings of this very holy season.

by Trudy Harris

The moving account of a daughter who was there when heaven opened up and began to welcome her beloved mother home.

by Trudy Harris

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