Mysterious Ways: Miracle in the Mailbox

My husband was in the hospital, our bills were piling up… how would I ever make it?

By Bobbie Bostick, Lawrence, Kansas

Many years have passed, but I’ll never forget that day in 1976, when I pulled two ivory envelopes from my mailbox. One, the phone bill. The other, a letter from my old friend Buz, who was due to visit me and my husband Clint the following week. Bad news first, I thought, walking into the house.

I tore the phone bill open. The amount made me cringe. $138.37–about $600 in today’s dollars. Back then, we simply couldn’t afford that.

Earlier that month, my husband, Clint, had been badly injured in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. He was still in the ICU, suffering from a broken collarbone, ribs and leg. His face looked like a jigsaw puzzle pieced back together.

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When I wasn’t at the hospital, I was glued to the phone, calling our friends and family scattered across the country to update them on Clint’s condition. His mom and four sisters in Michigan. His cousins in California. And, of course, Buz in Tennessee. No wonder our bill was so high.

Clint had a long road to recovery ahead of him. The medical expenses were piling up, not to mention our mortgage payments. What was I going to do about this phone bill... about everything?

At least Buz would be in town soon. I could use some support from a friend. I ripped open his letter, wondering why he’d written. I’d just talked to him to help him finalize his travel arrangements.

“Dear Bobbie,” the letter began. “I know now why the Lord didn’t let me make the trip to Orlando…”

What? Buz had cancelled his flight? Why? I read on…

“I find myself waking up at night thinking of you folks, and pray myself back to sleep. I have a tremendous yearning to be with Clint and you, but prayer will have to do for now. I don’t argue with the Lord and you don’t either…”

“He has told me to send you the price of my ticket for whatever cause you might need,” Buz wrote. “I have no idea what your financial condition is–but it’s not my business—it’s His!”

I shook the envelope. Inside was a check. The second I saw it, I ran to the phone and dialed Buz’s number. I didn’t worry about the cost.

The check was made out to Clint and me, for exactly $138.37.

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When I read this story, I knew it was true because something similar just happened to me. I am a Personal Life Consultant for whatever the reason, my clientele is very low. I am not earning the money I am generally earning and everything is behind. I ask new clients to make agreements with me about how they must cancel an appointment and what needs to be done when they are late. They agree to the request and I expect after that they will keep them. I believe that keeping agreements or communicating that they cannot be kept is critical to personal growth and integrity. So this gentleman did not call me the day before to cancel and two hours before his appointment he calls to cancel and of course he has agreed to pay for that appointment since it is unlikely that I put another client in that space since it is so late. This was about two months ago and he expressed his anger with me and said he would only pay half. His voice went up and I lowered mine and he hung up. I never heard from him and he never sent the payment. Yesterday, I went to the post office and there was a check from him for the whole amount of his session with me. I called and left a message thanking him for it.
I have been negligent opening mail lately because there seems to only be bills. I knew I owed them and did not wanted to see the all that come, so I had not opened some of my mail. Today I choose to open the mail and there was a check for $125.00 that I never even knew was there. It was there all the time. So I am able to pay the phone bill and electric bill. The check was there all the time just like God is there all the time. We simply don't know it in our hearts and souls. I have been told that God is everywhere, all time present. Based on this stressful time in my life with finances, I am seeing more than ever that God is all there is and with me at every moment. I am just grateful, so ever grateful! I am healthy, whole and I am complete. Money comes to me from known and unknown sources. God is the source of all!!

As we share a similar surname, I had to drop in to say thanks for sharing your story. Aren't God's surprises grand? God bless you always.