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The Science of Premonitions

Ever had a feeling something was about to happen, and then it did? You're not alone, says author and scientist Dr. Larry Dossey.

By Adam Hunter, New York, New York

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Amanda, a young mother in Washington State, stands with her husband in their child’s room, stunned by grief. A large chandelier above her baby’s crib has fallen, crushing the child to death. A storm rages outside, rattling the windows. The clock on the dresser reads 4:35 a.m. 

Amanda awakes. Just a dream. Outside the weather is calm. Still, she runs to the baby’s room and takes her sleeping child into her bed. Hours later, there’s a loud crash. She and her husband discover the fallen chandelier. A storm rages outside. The time on the clock–4:35 a.m. 

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It’s a true story, and one Dr. Larry Dossey loves to tell. For the past 30 years, his work has explored subjects often deemed too out there by other researchers–precognitive function, shared consciousness, even ESP. But he’s no kook.

A decorated surgeon in the Vietnam War, one-time chief of staff for a Dallas hospital, an advisor to the National Institutes of Health, former executive editor of a leading peer-reviewed medical-research journal, and best-selling author of the book The Science of Premonitions, Dr. Dossey is a cutting-edge thinker on, well, mysterious ways. 

How did you become interested in these phenomena?
I was raised a Baptist, but when I went to college and fell in love with science, there was a real collision with my religious beliefs. I became an agnostic, and then a spiritual seeker. Then something happened that really shook me up.

In my first year of internal medicine practice, I had the most vivid dream. The four-year-old son of one of my medical colleagues was on a table in an exam room.

When a white-coated technician tried to give him an electroencephalography examination of his brain, the child went berserk, violently resisting any attempts to calm him. The next day, his parents told me that’s exactly how it played out.

Here’s the thing...I hadn’t even known that their child was there having a procedure! I began to pay serious attention whenever my patients reported precognitive dreams about their own illnesses. 

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Can you share one of these? 
One patient in Dallas came to my office without an appointment, very upset. She said, “I need your help. I know I have ovarian cancer.” The night before, she’d had a vivid dream. She saw three little white spots on her left ovary. She just knew it was cancer.

This was a respected attorney, not in the least bit flighty, not a hypochondriac. So I did a pelvic exam, which came out normal, but to satisfy her I sent her for a sonogram. Sure enough, she had three little white spots on her left ovary.

Fortunately, they were benign cysts. Nevertheless, she knew about something in great detail that she had no business knowing.