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Mysterious Ways

     There is evidence of God’s love all around us, we just need to recognize
it. A stranger’s all-too-perfectly timed random act of kindness. A deceased
     loved one who appears to you in a dream just when you need her most. A
     delayed flight that leads to an unexpected family reunion.

     These events are more than mere coincidences. They are proof that
     God’s love, God’s grace and God’s mercy are indeed revealed in
      Mysterious Ways.






Recent Mysterious Ways Stories

Daniel Kessel

An unexpected encounter brightened a dark day for assistant editor Daniel Kessel

by Adam Hunter

For one, miracles are dynamic and ongoing, not unlike our own spiritual journeys.

by Diana Aydin

A miracle is God’s connection with us that ripples outward, in ever-widening circles.

by Diana Aydin

Miracles range from the everyday to the thunderbolt variety. Here are some examples.

by Diana Aydin

The cues are out there, here's how to look beyond the expected and share the wonder with others.

by Diana Aydin

The Miracle Chasers share what they've learned during a 10-year quest.

by Diana Aydin

Close-up of a precious baby foot

Were they meant to be parents?

by Janelle Ajayi
, Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares how a familiar smell jogged his memory at the perfect moment.

by Adam Hunter

An inner nudge, a voice, to deliver a manuscript saves a life.

by Diana Aydin

One very sick puppy gets waves of love over social media–and starts to get better.

by Diana Aydin

Will car trouble keep their son from making it home for Thanksgiving?

A pastor's wife fears car trouble will prevent her son from making it home from college for Thanksgiving.

by Marilyn Harbin
, Franklin, Tennessee

Daniel Kessel, guest blogger

These animals forged important bonds with humans, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

by Adam Hunter

A watchful kitten

She wasn't even a cat person. What had convinced her to keep this young kitten?

by Linda Kennedy-Blanton
, Palestine, Texas

James Creamer - The Mysterious Voice That Saved a Soldier

Two little words that changed my family forever…

by LethaJoy Martin
, Timonium, Maryland

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