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Mysterious Ways

     There is evidence of God’s love all around us, we just need to recognize
it. A stranger’s all-too-perfectly timed random act of kindness. A deceased
     loved one who appears to you in a dream just when you need her most. A
     delayed flight that leads to an unexpected family reunion.

     These events are more than mere coincidences. They are proof that
     God’s love, God’s grace and God’s mercy are indeed revealed in
      Mysterious Ways.






Recent Mysterious Ways Stories

The stories we’ve uncovered at Mysterious Ways give reason to be thankful for the darkness.

by Adam Hunter

Jeff Kling

He was a man of action–self-sufficient, proactive–but a stranger's prayer gave him a whole new outlook.

by Jeff Kling
, La Porte, Indiana

More than any other time of year, this is the time to pray for a miracle and expect an answer...

by Diana Aydin

Reunited brothers Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel tells the story of a coincidence that reunited long-lost brothers–and answered a mother’s prayers.

by Adam Hunter

Babe Ruth and Johnny Sylvester in 1928

This amazing recovery isn’t just a great miracle story. It’s also a reminder for all of us...

by Diana Aydin

A message in a bottle stuck in the sand near the ocean

A late birthday card, a message in a bottle, a lost letter... delivered right on time.

by Adam Hunter

The words "eat better" surrounded by vegetables

It was like God was rooting me on, with one little miracle after another...

by Diana Aydin

The rear bumper of a red car with a Just Married sign on it

Her dealings with the DMV had been protracted and frustrating, but the payoff was very much worth it.

by Mallory Lindert
, Theresa, Wisconsin

audio cassette tapes

There was so much I had wanted to ask Dad. I never even got to say goodbye.

by Linda Kipley
, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Guideposts editorial staffer Danielle Lynne

“I have a little miracle for you,” said Danielle, smiling from ear to ear. “It’s about this book...”

by Diana Aydin

Rylee Taylor, photo credit: WREG

This family is seeking your prayers. We already know their pleas for God’s protection are being heard.

by Adam Hunter

Illustration of a bail jumper getting arrested.

Click your way through the images to read a bail-bond agent's tale of being in the right place at just the right time to save a life. More "The Case of..." stories!

God is the master of surprises. Sometimes it can even feel like he’s playing tricks...

by Diana Aydin

a box of items to be donated to a food pantry

It was just a simple box of cans and jars, but it ended up being so much more…

by Robert Whybrew
, Sugar Grove, Illinois

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