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Mysterious Ways

     There is evidence of God’s love all around us, we just need to recognize
it. A stranger’s all-too-perfectly timed random act of kindness. A deceased
     loved one who appears to you in a dream just when you need her most. A
     delayed flight that leads to an unexpected family reunion.

     These events are more than mere coincidences. They are proof that
     God’s love, God’s grace and God’s mercy are indeed revealed in
      Mysterious Ways.






Recent Mysterious Ways Stories

Heavy traffic on a busy highway.

How could she abandon her car in the middle lane of a busy highway?

by Heidi Daniels
, Las Vegas, Nevada

A doctor comforting a patient

Here's a helpful tool to help doctors handle discussions about miracles. After all, hospitals are no strangers to the miraculous.

by Diana Aydin

A close-up of a sunflower

Instead of a bare dirt lot, there was a field of sunflowers, growing exactly where our house once stood.

by Barbara Jackson
, Medina, Ohio

Tornado approaching a house

A funnel cloud descended on their home. What happened next was a miracle.

by Adam Hunter

A narrow Stockholm alleyway lit up during an early-summer evening

To my eyes, it was wondrous. Can you imagine... a world that doesn’t get dark?

by Diana Aydin

Hunter enthusiastically high fives Heater, the Dragons mascot

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares how a deaf seven-year-old got an unexpected message from his favorite baseball mascot.

by Adam Hunter

close-up of a watch

Dad died six weeks before my wedding… how could I celebrate without him?

by Mike Kuty
, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Mysterious Ways blogger Diana Aydin as a child with her father and sisters

Being a father, my dad explained, you experience true unconditional love, one of the greatest miracles of all...

by Diana Aydin

Proof of Heaven author Dr. Eben Alexander

We’re speaking to Proof of Heaven author Dr. Eben Alexander tomorrow. Send us your questions!

by Adam Hunter

"Miracle Chaser" Katie Mahon with her father on her wedding day

As she began her prayer, Dad's eyes came down and met Mom's eyes in recognition and peace. It was the first miracle he gave us.

by Diana Aydin

a tree uprooted in a storm

I thought it was finally safe to go outside… until I heard that voice.

by Bea Tarbox
, Pembroke, Massachusetts

Father and author Bruce Ham with his family

We had an army passionately praying for her full recovery, but God's lack of response led me to believe miracles were a farce...

by Diana Aydin

Mysterious Ways assistant editor Daniel Kessel

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares how a trio of balloons comforted three grieving children.

by Adam Hunter

A lunch-break miracle: brightly colored umbrellas suspended in the air in London

For two weary travelers, it was a sign that if we were patient, waited out the storm, God's wonder would find us. 

by Diana Aydin

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