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Mysterious Ways

     There is evidence of God’s love all around us, we just need to recognize
it. A stranger’s all-too-perfectly timed random act of kindness. A deceased
     loved one who appears to you in a dream just when you need her most. A
     delayed flight that leads to an unexpected family reunion.

     These events are more than mere coincidences. They are proof that
     God’s love, God’s grace and God’s mercy are indeed revealed in
      Mysterious Ways.






Recent Mysterious Ways Stories

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel

With the sheer number of depressing stories in the media, how can we keep a positive attitude in our day-to-day lives? Assistant editor Daniel Kessel offers some mysterious, and positive, alternatives.

by Adam Hunter

Waiting while her son underwent a risky operation, guest blogger Joan Luise Hill recounts a hospital waiting room miracle from the unlikeliest source.

by Diana Aydin

Tennessee police solved a crime thanks to unexpected help–from a tornado.

by Adam Hunter

A woman in bed dialing a cell phone

Something was telling her to call her younger sister at 3 a.m., but she had no idea why. What would she tell her sibling?

by Patricia Joseph-Lyle
, Detroit, Michigan

Wonder is all around and waiting to be seen, if only we put on our "glittering eyes"!

by Diana Aydin

An artist's rendering of Paul's kayak and the family bus on a collision course

He'd set out to kayak the length of the Mississippi River, but it wasn't going well. Then the cell phone he thought was broken rang...

by Paul Stutzman
, Berlin, Ohio

An artist's rendering of a soldier sheltered by a floating, glowing blanket

In the midst of a fierce battle, a soldier feels a strange calm envelope him. Was he the only one to experience this comfort?

by John Senka
, Wayland, New York

Nicole and Shelley, reunited

She'd long wondered about the infant she'd pulled from a wrecked car 25 years earlier. Now, she had a chance to have her questions answered.

by Daniel Kessel
, New York, New York

Logan Eliasen returns to the scene of his rescue.

He'd set out for some recreational spelunking, but now was inextricably trapped. Was this the end for him?

by Logan Eliasen
, Port Byron, Illinois

Diana's Uncle Jack

He feared a mishap would come back to haunt him...

by Diana Aydin
, New York, New York

Diana's Uncle Jack

Click your way through the images to read a story of a man's courage and honesty repaid many times over.

Dr. Larry Dossey gazes through a window at himself, seated in a cafe.

Ever had a feeling something was about to happen, and then it did? You're not alone, says author and scientist Dr. Larry Dossey.

by Adam Hunter
, New York, New York

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel

In Stillwater, Oklahoma, two glass plates led to an unforgettable experience for assistant editor Daniel Kessel and his mom.

by Adam Hunter

A special service for a special person and not a growl to be heard.

by Diana Aydin

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