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Personal Growth

Turning tragedy into triumph, dreams into reality. These are the stories we tell about everyday people like you who find success, fulfillment and happiness through spiritual growth and self-improvement. Our real life stories show that personal change comes from your courage, persistence and enthusiasm as well as from God’s grace.

Read on and be uplifted and motivated by stories of individuals who are positively transformed by events and life challenges. You’ll be inspired to change too!

Recent Personal Growth Stories

Holmes and Cheri found happiness in personal growth together

A marriage is put to the test by financial hardship. Read about their path to a cure.

by Cheri Fuller
, Edmond, Oklahoma

Self-improvement means eating well

Since self-improvement means healthier eating, you'll want to buy organic. Coupon Mom shows you how.

by Stephanie Nelson
, Marietta, Georgia

9 tips for achieving personal growth

If you're trying to overcome challenges or are facing big changes in your life, try these 9 keys to achieving personal growth.

by Sara Altshul

Personal growth: Sister Schubert finds her passion in baking

My answer to prayer and achieving personal growth was a challenge: What am I really passionate about in life?

by Patricia "Sister Schubert" Barnes
, Troy, Alabama

Dean Koontz found personal growth by getting a dog

When author Dean Koontz welcomed a dog into his home, he had no idea how much personal growth and life lessons he would gain from the experience.

by Dean Koontz
, Newport Beach, California

Cowboy finds happiness and success as a nurse

His life had always been wild. Then he settled on an unexpected career—and found happiness!

by Phillip Scott
, Piedmont, Oklahoma

Support research to end these diseases—and get fit too! Advice on how to find great charity walks and runs.

by Jessica Bloustein

Advice for dealing with postpartum depression

Advice from mommy blogger Janice Croze—a mom who's been there.

by Janice Croze

Advice on handling your child's frustration

Mommy blogger Janice Croze has some advice for responding to your child's frustration.

by Janice Croze

Mommy blogger Janice Croze experiences a moment of personal growth as a parent.

by Janice Croze

Family planning requires personal growth!

Mommy advice blogger Janice Croze gives a personal account of how family planning requires a little personal growth.

by Janice Croze

Advice for success: cherish the simple moments

Mommy blogger Janice Croze's best advice for success as a parent includes this very basic principle: cherish the simple moments in life with your children.

by Janice Croze

Success starts with choices

Mommy success starts with allowing your kids to voice their preferences.

by Janice Croze

They're going to grow up, whether you're ready or not.

Mommy blogger Janice Croze has some advice for parents: let go, one toddler step at a time.

by Janice Croze

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