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Personal Growth

Turning tragedy into triumph, dreams into reality. These are the stories we tell about everyday people like you who find success, fulfillment and happiness through spiritual growth and self-improvement. Our real life stories show that personal change comes from your courage, persistence and enthusiasm as well as from God’s grace.

Read on and be uplifted and motivated by stories of individuals who are positively transformed by events and life challenges. You’ll be inspired to change too!

Recent Personal Growth Stories

A personal shield is a very simple, graphic illustration of four areas of self-knowledge: what you do well, what you like to do, what makes you happy and what makes you feel safe.

by Anne Simpkinson

Two situations occurred at work last week that challenged me in both areas of my resolutions.

by 3 Guideposts.org Readers

I'm trying to plan meals that will be easy to put on the table or will have plenty of leftovers so they are easy to pull together a second night.

by 3 Guideposts.org Readers

Robin Carlo updates us on her resolution to listen more attentively!

by 3 Guideposts.org Readers

Knitting yarn and needles

January is Creativity Month! Guideposts Facebook fans told us about the projects they're working on.

by Alina Larson

Former American Idol star Brooke White stars in a new made-for-TV movie about personal growth.

by Jessica Bloustein

Who says that resolutions only have to start on January 1?

by Anne Simpkinson

Meet three Guideposts.org readers who will be sharing their journeys in 2011.

by 3 Guideposts.org Readers

In the spirit of supporting your 2011 resolutions, I found a couple resources that might help or inspire you.

by Anne Simpkinson

Jill and Mark Savage talk about finding happiness by spending less

How to spend less and get more out of life—a guide to personal growth and self-improvement!

by Jill and Mark Savage
, Bloomington, Illinois

I’d like to wish you a very merry and holy holiday by sharing two Christmas music videos.

by Anne Simpkinson

David paints angels in his folk art

An artist keeps his dream of painting for a living alive through motivation and prayer. 

by David Harden
, Columbus, Ohio

Advice for making New Year's resolutions

How to keep your new year’s resolutions—and achieve your goals in 2011—really!

by Alina Larson

Take the word of someone who knows, New Year’s Resolutions can work.

by Anne Simpkinson

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