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Personal Growth

Turning tragedy into triumph, dreams into reality. These are the stories we tell about everyday people like you who find success, fulfillment and happiness through spiritual growth and self-improvement. Our real life stories show that personal change comes from your courage, persistence and enthusiasm as well as from God’s grace.

Read on and be uplifted and motivated by stories of individuals who are positively transformed by events and life challenges. You’ll be inspired to change too!

Recent Personal Growth Stories

What's the secret ingredient in religion that makes people happier?

by Anne Simpkinson

Nancy Travis' newest TV movie may be a great suggestion for some quality family time.

by Jessica Bloustein

Worried about tempting holiday treats? Here are some suggestions to help you through the tastiest time of year.

by Anne Simpkinson

Christmas ornaments

Her oldest son was heading off to college soon. Christmas seemed bittersweet.

by Shawnelle Eliasen
, Port Byron, Illinois

Check out these sources for sound advice and tips on smart eating over the holidays.

by Anne Simpkinson

I’m not suggesting that you make a New Year’s resolution before gathering for the annual turkey feast, but there's an upside to thinking about it...

by Anne Simpkinson

Going back to my centering prayer practice helped me reconnect with a deep part of me that wanted health and wholeness.

by Anne Simpkinson

Robert Reid's irreverent take on inspiring travel is sure to get you packing.

by Alina Larson

Memphis is an evening of music, dance and storytelling that will energize and uplift you. Don’t miss it.

by Anne Simpkinson

Joseph Ferrari

Everything you wanted to know about procrastination, but had put off asking.

by Alina Larson

Here are some realistic things you can do!

by Anne Simpkinson

There are lots of lessons in the film that revolve around faith and love. But the one that has stayed with me was the father’s prophetic advice to let Secretariat “run his own race.”

by Anne Simpkinson

Blind mother relies on faith and God

I always knew raising three boys would be hard. Now I wondered if it would be impossible. Faith was the only thing that could get me through this.

by Janet Perez Eckles
, Orlando, Florida

A little "mouth yoga" goes a long way for a better day!

by Anne Simpkinson

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