Personal Growth

Turning tragedy into triumph, dreams into reality. These are the stories we tell about everyday people like you who find success, fulfillment and happiness through spiritual growth and self-improvement. Our real life stories show that personal change comes from your courage, persistence and enthusiasm as well as from God’s grace.

Read on and be uplifted and motivated by stories of individuals who are positively transformed by events and life challenges. You’ll be inspired to change too!

Recent Personal Growth Stories

A Rockette's inspiring story

Radio City Rockette Jessica Osborne has an inspiring story. But what inspires her?

by Jessica Osborne
, New York, New York

Talk about self-improvement! This man's inspiring weight-loss story will motivate you to get moving. Watch the emotional video here.

by Anne Simpkinson

It’s relatively easy to figure out what you want to change in your life, but the consistent effort required often puts people off. It’s hard, often tedious, and stressful to change.

by Anne Simpkinson

Tips for personal growth

Pastor Bil Cornelius shares a few simple truths that can lead to personal growth and happiness.

by Bil Cornelius
, Corpus Christi, Texas

Jeremiah Lanphier had a vision...

by Alina Larson

Here are some strategies I found that helped me get re-focused and re-inspired on my weight-loss journey. I'll keep striving for success!

by Anne Simpkinson

When someone gives a compliment, many of us just feel like crawling under a rock. Here are some positive thinking tips on how to accept them graciously.

by Alina Larson

Every trip to the lighthouse is an inspiring story in the making

Some places we remember fondly from childhood disappoint when we revisit them years later. Not Old Barney...every trip to that lighthouse is an inspiring story in the making.

by Jenn Gentlesk
, Haddon Township, New Jersey

Grandmama knows what's cool!

A grandmother takes a look back at the inspiring stories of her past to connect to her grandson today.

by Mary Lou Reed
, Torrance, California

Self-improvement is not by definition self-aggrandizement, nor is personal growth necessarily self-centered. There are so many places in the Bible where we are encouraged to grow.

by Anne Simpkinson

Jon Gordon says the overnight success is a myth

Just as the Olympian must train for years for one defining race, you must wake up each day and practice, prepare and train to be your best.

by Jon Gordon

The way players react to wins and losses, how they handle pressure and “big points,” and the unbelievable shots they make not only inspire me but also offer pointers that I can use in my everyday life.

by Anne Simpkinson

This success of this book and movie made me think about why we hesitate to change. What do you think?

by Anne Simpkinson

Be the best you can be and success will follow

When our goal is to be the best we can be, the outcome is often success.

by Jon Gordon

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