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Personal Growth

Turning tragedy into triumph, dreams into reality. These are the stories we tell about everyday people like you who find success, fulfillment and happiness through spiritual growth and self-improvement. Our real life stories show that personal change comes from your courage, persistence and enthusiasm as well as from God’s grace.

Read on and be uplifted and motivated by stories of individuals who are positively transformed by events and life challenges. You’ll be inspired to change too!

Recent Personal Growth Stories

A mom on a mission: to achieve success and happiness

A journey of personal growth for one single mom leads her down paths she never expected, to the happiness she always wanted.

by Dennise Sellers
, Syracuse, New York

Inspiring stories in Israel

A Guideposts editor finds faith and spiritual growth in every nook and cranny of the Holy Land.

by Adam Hunter
, Associate Editor

Find self-improvement with home office organizing tips

Surprising lessons from an extreme home office makeover expert that brought a sense of self-improvement to a working mom.

by Alina Larson

Happiness with husband on a cattle ranch

An inspiring story of personal growth, following your heart and finding true love.

by Ree Drummond
, Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Here are some sites to help you reach your greatest potential, find happiness and live a healthy life!

by Anne Simpkinson

Happiness on horseback

When nothing in her life made sense, one woman decided to follow a whim.

by Stephanie Thompson
, Edmond, Oklahoma

Success in marriage is all about compromise

Newlyweds struggle to find happiness and learn the ropes of marriage—especially the part about compromise.

by Kate Fenner
, Fairfax, Virginia

Finding faith in the Redwood Forest

A troubled teen's journey into the redwood forest is one of discovering himself and finding faith.

by Henry Petereit
, Laguna Woods, California


From kitchen burns to depression, lavender can cure more than you think.

by Alina Larson

John Wooden's advice for success

This legendary UCLA basketball coach won 10 national championships. He knows a thing or two about success.

by John Wooden
, Los Angeles, California

Personal growth and lavender were just what Patricia needed

Fibromyalgia had dominated this would-be lavender farmer's life, until she stopped to smell the lavender.

by Patricia Gantz-Pollard
, Paw Paw, Michigan

Kelli Arena finds personal growth after career

A high profile CNN reporter finds more time for family and personal growth after losing her job.

by Kelli Arena
, Washington, D.C.

Jen's personal growth helped her find more time for her family

A busy working mom finds out the hard way that the small, simple blessings in life are what make things worthwhile.

by Jennifer Gentlesk
, Haddon Township, New Jersey

Happiness is making amends

Finding success with the Saints, Carl Nicks returns to his past to right a wrong.

by Ron Berler

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