A Guardian Angel Named Floyd Henry

Dogs were her life. But she never thought a dog would save her life.

By Carol D. Witcher, Walnut Grove, Georgia

As appeared in

Dogs have always held a special place in my heart. Where others might just see an animal, I see a part of my family. So when my boxer, Floyd Henry, came up to me one evening while I was sitting on the sofa, I put down my novel and leaned in to give him a hug.

“Come here, boy,” I said, holding out my arms. He put his paws up on the sofa cushion and settled into my embrace. But then he reared his big square head.

“What is it?” I asked. “What’s got you startled?”

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Floyd Henry regarded me with a questioning expression. This is odd. Floyd Henry had never given me such a concerned look before. Not in all of the five years we’d been together. He sniffed at my nose and mouth. Then he snapped his teeth in my face.

“Hey!” I yelled. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Floyd Henry was in no way, shape or form aggressive. And we didn’t ever play rough.

I took his head in my hands, gently, but firmly. “No!” I said. “We don’t do that.”

Floyd Henry didn’t back down. Again, he snapped at my face. “Bad boy!” I said harshly, although it pained me to do it. I never had occasion to speak to him that way.

I pushed his paws back down onto the carpet. “Go lay down,” I told him.

Floyd Henry trotted off. I picked up my book and settled back into the sofa. But I couldn’t relax. There had to be a logical explanation for Floyd Henry’s behavior. Was he trying to grab food I dropped on myself at dinner? Was he scared of something? My loving companion wasn’t making sense.

In a way, the very beginning of our relationship didn’t make any sense, either. I hadn’t been looking for a dog when I bought Floyd Henry. I noticed an ad in the classified section of the newspaper: “Boxer for sale.” I flipped the page and sipped my coffee. I certainly didn’t need another dog.

Since retiring from teaching I’d been fostering boxer dogs in my home. Many came to me with physical limitations and emotional scars. I was determined to help them overcome their problems.

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When I was a teacher, I taught all of my students that they were special and had a reason to be on this earth. I believed the same for my dogs.

One of my charges laid his chin on my knee as I browsed the rest of the classifieds that day. My mind kept going back to that tiny ad. I turned back. Boxer for sale.

With so many dogs already counting on me, why was I even giving the advertisement a second thought?

Curiosity welled up inside me. I wanted to know this dog’s story. Why was he being sold? Where would he go? I gave in and made the phone call. A man answered, and we arranged to meet later that day.

I heard barking as soon as I stepped out of my car onto the property. The storm door opened and a puppy ran out, his tail wagging. The man of the house shook my hand.

“My daughter brought the puppy home,” he explained. “But then she went off to college. My wife and I were looking forward to traveling now that we have an empty nest, and we just can’t keep him.”

Looks like I’m getting another dog after all. For whatever reason, God had put us together. We loved each other—so why was he snapping at me? I watched Floyd Henry settle onto his bed for a nap. I tried to put the incident out of my mind.

But Floyd Henry’s odd behavior continued. He furiously sniffed at my breath and snorted loudly whenever I leaned in close to him.

Four days after he initially snapped at my face, I leaned in for another hug. He swung his head sharply and bumped my right breast with his nose. Hard.

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Awesome story!! Thanks for submitting. Will send one,
too. Soon.

What a wonderful and moving story. It is true we are all put on this earth for a important reason. You and Floyd
Henry are living the reason.
God Bless!

I knew that dogs could be trained to sniff for cancers but this one was God-trained. How miraculous.

Our animals are so precious to us. I was so happy to get my kitty when I was about 9 years old. I was a very lonely child. I grew up in a dysfunctional home with two alcoholics and a sister that was bipolar. When I was little I saved my little kitties life by pulling her away from a cord that was electrocuting her. I nursed her back to health giving her aloe vera juice and spoon feeding her soft food. She returned the favor to me ten-fold with her every day actions by protecting me and keeping me company. She warned my family of a fire that started in the stove one night by crying out of control until my mom went to the stove and put it out. She protected me from my brother when he was verbally abusive to me. I was crying one night because he was so cruel to me with his words and Kitty picked up on that and went downstairs to his room and bit him for no reason. He knew it was because he was being mean to me and he told me about it. Defending me caused her pain as well as my dad kicked her when she was pregnant. Only one baby survived I named her Misty because she was smoky grey. Kitty did not know how to take care of this baby. She didn’t know how to feed her so I showed kitty that the baby needed to nurse and placed the baby on one of her teets and she caught on after that and the baby grew strong. To prevent any more babies being born into this violent environment I saved every penny to get them both fixed. Well as I grew up and graduated from High School which was a huge accomplishment in my household my kitty grew old and her baby by then was full grown cat. I was soooo close to Kitty but Misty was more of a wonderer and not real cuddly which this was just her personality but she loved her momma and did everything her momma did and cuddled all the time with her momma. Well, shortly after this my ceremony I went home because we were going to have a small party in the back yard and my sister who was bipolar came into the room and was just angry. I ignored her but I can tell she wanted to hurt me. She attacked me and just started to punch me until Kitty and her baby jumped on her and started to scratch her until she screamed and left me alone. She yelled get your cats off me!! They finally left her alone and she never bothered me again. As I am in my late 30’s now my Kitty has passed on and her baby Misty as well. I know they are both in heaven together and I thank God that he gave both of them to me to keep me company and protect me!!!

Lucky's Joyful Behavior being Corrected this Morning
Led to to this Article. And. I too Am due for a
Check~Up on my List of Things to Do.
Perhaps another AnGel???
Great Day Wishes.
Proverbs 21:21 (NIV)
Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life,
prosperity & honor.

What a great story. My daughter has a boxer and they are wonderful smart dogs.

Animals have surreal intuit. God instructs children and animals. Believe them when they seem to be acting 'strange.'

I love this and if I could have my pooch back I would find her and thank her, it wasn't me Fred was killed after my pooch snapped at us all and made me see that changes were coming but I wasn't aware until after the funeral and my move to Houston and Grief Share. Big moves come in our life but a tiny furry angel I wanted all my life made me give her up. I can't tell you the whole story it would hurt a lot of people just to rehash it all but Praise Jesus she was so brave. She's a schnauzer. I was told an old man adopted her she was my rescue and came from a sheriff in CO. I do not have any pets right now but your story made me think about the past three years. Fred laughed at her antics and she loved to wrestle with him when he was around. Yesterday a Fred miracle happened and it was a sign to me that I still have a gentle caring out there. My mass is still in but there so far is no cancer. Thank you.

That's a wonderful story. I'm due for a mammogram in January and my right breast is more tender than usual. My little dog, Tasha, occasionally nudges it when I'm holding her. Could be a coincidence - I have mammograms every year but I'm going to make my appointment for as early next month as possible, just in case.