The Rabbit That Saved a Marriage

She and her husband had become strangers. Would God answer her prayers for a reconciliation?

By Sandi Olson, Santa Cruz, California

As appeared in

My anger melted away. I put my hand in Doug’s. Somehow that little rabbit was the answer we needed. I knew what would save this marriage: forgiveness and love.

Bucky lived with us for eight more years–a good life for a rabbit. Doug and I buried him together, near a patch of Easter lilies in our yard. No one else could really understand what Buck Bandito meant to us.

I’d asked God what I could do to save my marriage. He sent me a black-and-white rabbit, a floppy-eared messenger of love.


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Wow,what an intrique story I have ever read from the beginning of my birth.This is like getting water in a desert after travelling miles with the notion that you would come across with a fountain or well but all certainly it does not happen.Love is something that needs to be revived at all instances because by not doing so it just vanishes into thin air and gone forever and never be found.Hopefully and ultimately there was a light at the end of a tunnel and G od may bless your stay together for another 35years in your marriage of which it would be marking 70years in all.Thank in abunace.

This was A.very touching story.but the. I read them all the time, since I subscribed to guideposts yrs ago and also have given as a gift many fact the very first thing I do each morning is read the daily story from my Daily daily guideposts.I have also enjoyed this book for years.Sharon Parsons.

Thank you for taking the time to share this story. Very beautiful. God bless you.

Dear Sandi,
I loved how you showed God working in ways that would normally seem absurd to us. After all, how could a pet rabbit possibly transform a marriage? I appreciated your honesty and vulnerability. Thanks for sharing this.

LOVED this story!!!!! So sweet and so well written!


this story put a smile on my face and i loved it. my parents before they both passed was raising rabbits and they where laughing and working in the yard. a pet is the best medicine and God knows what each of us need to be happy.

This story deeply touched my heart. It is amazing how God can use an animal to save a marriage!

This was such a good story. It brought a smile on my face. It is thev small things in life that can make such a difference.

This was such a good story. It brought a smile on my face. It is thev small things in life that can make such a difference.

This was such a good story. It brought a smile on my face. It is thev small things in life that can make such a difference.

Small incidents can change the thinking process and forget or remember the pastand for good. The relationship between a husband and wife should be life long and not a temporary contract. Therefore some unpleasant happenigs should not break this life time contracts.
Nowadays many consider marriage only for sex or mere friendship . It is a sacrament an agreement between a man and woman and Jesus should be there with them to drive them properly in the right direction.When Gods presence disappear the mariage can break.

Daily family prayer and reading bible among all family members will help married life to be smooth and meaningful

Jesus should be the centre of a healthy family and Prayer is the citamins to keep it healthy religiously.

AmaZing story!!! Truly everyone we meet along the way are Godsent. We may not realize it but God works in wonderful ways and His plans are always for our good.