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A slice of Lorraine Pascale's Fudgy Orange and Beet Cake

Beets are a sweet surprise in this tasty dessert.

by Lorraine Pascale

A first-century wedding cake

In this excerpt from The Food and Feasts of Jesus, the authors recreate a wedding cake from the time of Christ.

by Douglas E. Neel and Joel A. Pugh

Carol's Apple Tarts

These delicious treats are easy to make and will quickly prove to be a family favorite.

by Carol Shaw Johnston
, Franklin, Tennessee

Adrian's Banana Pudding

This delectable take on a traditional Southern recipe is made from scratch–no instant mixes here–and your family will be able to taste the difference.

by Adrian Drinkard
, Thomasville, Alabama

Nursel's baklava

Here's a classic Turkish dessert you can make at home.

by Nursel Aydin
, New City, New York

Nursel Aydin poses with a plate of her homemade baklava.

Nursel Aydin, whose confidence as a young wife got a boost from baking this traditional Turkish dessert, shows you hot to make it yourself. Read her story.

Paula Dyer's Clafoutis

This dish, adapted from a dessert popular in the French Limousin region, is a great low-sugar treat.

by Paula Dyer
, Stillwater, New Jersey

Kate’s Coconut Cream Dream Pie

This delicious pie was declared the winner in a Thanksgiving Pie Bake-Off competition here in the Guideposts New York City office.

by Kate Norris
, New York, New York

Cranberry-Walnut Baked Apples

This delicious seasonal dessert is a perfect blend of fall flavors.

by Myra Goodman

Dolly Parton poses with a jar of her pickled peaches.

One part side dish, one part condiment, one part dessert (over ice cream), these pickled peaches will fill your holiday kitchen with the smell of cinnamon and cloves.

by Dolly Parton
, Nashville, Tennessee

Dolly Parton's Butterscotch Pie

This delicious concoction is one of Dolly Parton's favorite holiday desserts.

by Dolly Parton
, Nashville, Tennessee

Star-Shaped Blueberry Shortcakes

This recipe makes the perfect Fourth of July dessert—especially when garnished with raspberries and whipped cream!

by Kathleen King
, Southampton, New York

Lance Nitahara's bread pudding

A chef who emerged victorious on the Food Network's Chopped shares a recipe he learned as a child while helping his mother in the kitchen.

by Lance Nitahara
, Emporia, Kansas

Eggless, Milkless, Butterless Cake

Here's a delicious spiced cake that will be a favorite with everyone in your family—and it's easy on the budget, to boot!

by Rosemary Marbach
, Boston, Massachusetts

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