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Lunch Recipes


Recent Lunch Recipes Stories

Dolly Parton's Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

The country superstar says it's the cubed dill pickle that gives this sandwich spread its tang.

by Dolly Parton
, Nashville, Tennessee

Turkey wrap

Here's a tasty dish that's quick to make and is made with ingredients you likely have on hand.

by Pamela Owens
, Warren, Ohio

A pair of Pita Joes, with an ear of corn on the side

Here's a low-sodium favorite loaded with veggies and flavor, not fat. It's perfect for lunchtime, dinnertime—anytime!

by American Heart Association

Recipe for pesto wraps

Looking for a light and healthy lunch recipe? This tasty pesto wrap is perfect for you!

by Jeremy A. Safron

Lunch recipes: Healthy pizza

It's National Nutrition Month! Rebecca Katz's antioxidant-rich lunch recipe with its special cornmeal crust will become one of your favorites.

by Rebecca Katz
, San Rafael, California

Lunch recipes: Super Sloppy Joes

The classic meat sandwich is a family favorite any time of the year.

by Ellen Stringer
, Fairmont, West Virginia

Lunch recipes: Italian Pressed Sandwiches

Your family will love these delicious hero sandwiches, and they're a snap to prepare.

by Lucinda Scala Quinn
, New York, New York

Bye-bye greasy sliders! The riot of spices in this chickpea burger make it good and good for you.

by Rebecca Katz

Lunch recipes: Healthy Club Sandwich

Dig into a lighter version of this classic sandwich.

by Devin Alexander

Dinner recipes: Zesty Turkey Patties from Rebecca Katz

Need a healthy dinner recipe? Try these better-for-you burgers from Rebecca Katz—they taste great too!

by Rebecca Katz
, San Rafael, California

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