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Orange Jellied Mold

Apricots and mandarin oranges give just the right amount of sweetness to the rich cream cheese in this delightful dish.

by Paulette Wartella
, Abingdon, Virginia

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Sweetness from apple juice and the bacon's smoky saltiness will make this dish a hit with all your Thanksgiving guests.

by Robin Davis
, Columbus, Ohio

Dolly Parton's Biscuits

These delicious biscuits are one of Dolly's favorite additions to holiday meals.

by Dolly Parton
, Nashville, Tennessee

Strawberry Jell-O Pretzel Salad

Calling this a salad might be a stretch, but it is a favorite at holiday meals at our house.

by Robin Davis

An open jar of Emeril Legasse's Kosher-Style Dill Pickles

Celebrity chef Emeril Legasse knows it just isn't a cookout without homemade pickles.

by Emeril Lagasse

Edward Sabella with his grandchildren Agjia and Jacob.

Here's a delicious and traditional family dish that reflects the author's Lebanese heritage.

by Edward Sabella
, Elsberry, Missouri

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

This healthy and hearty bread makes for a great pairing with the author's barley vegetable soup.

by Nancy Sleeth
, Wilmore, Kentucky

Lefse, a Norwegian flatbrread

This delicous flatbread became a Christmas tradition for the author after a kindly neighbor taught her to make it when she was a child.

by Dora Aanderud
, Hutchinson, Minnesota

Pat's cheese-covered turnips dish

This recipe is so delicious it helped one woman forge a closer relationship with her brother's wife.

by Pat Jones
, Bogalusa, Louisiana

Spiced pumpkin butter

For so many of us, autumn is synonymous with the enticing flavor of pumpkin; this spread will soon become a family favorite in your house.

by Alice Currah

Rebecca Katz, the Healthy Cook, shares a recipe for cornbread, California style.

Cornbread is best served warm, so when you pull leftovers from the fridge, be sure to toast them in an oven for a yummy treat.

by Rebecca Katz

Connie Ferdon was inspired to combine two yam recipes she found in Guideposts.

A Florida woman, inspired by a pair of sweet potato recipes she found in Guideposts, combines the two into an extra-special holiday dish.

by Connie Ferdon
, Jacksonville, Florida

These Provençal stuffed tomatoes are delicious with lamb, chicken or fish.

You’ll never look at a baked tomato the same way again; this dish is a delicious accompaniment to lamb, chicken or fish.

by John Besh
, New Orleans, Louisana

Guideposts Healthy Cook Rebecca Katz

Healthy Cook Rebecca Katz talks about the flavor, nutrients and ways to prepare veggies including sweet potatoes, beets, parsnips and more!

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