It’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to 
cooking—Tuesday becomes grilled
chicken night, Wednesday tuna
noodle casserole. What you need
is a little kitchen inspiration. 

That’s what you’ll find here:
satisfying, simple and
recipes the whole 
family will love. From healthy twists
classics to all-time favorites
like mac and cheese,
our recipes 
will breathe new life into your 
cooking r
outine. Plus, read the
stories behind many of the 
comfort food dishes.

Recent Recipes

Blueberry pie

This blueberry dessert is a mouth-watering treat for your Labor Day celebration.

by PieLab

A bowl of fresh cranberries

This delicious and refreshing concoction is the perfect treat for those summering in Cape Cod—and those who wish they were.

by Beth Adams
, Brooklyn, New York

A mint granita in a stem glass

This frosty treat is the perfect way to cool off on a warm late-spring day.

by Tigre McMullan
, Cold Spring, New York

Savory Slow-Grilled Chicken

I love this recipe for cook-outs because it's super flavorful, easy and comes out very tender.

by Michael Larsen
, Los Angeles, California

An artist's rendering of this recipe's ingredients

A West Virginia woman offers a recipe she learned from her first patient when she was fresh out of nursing school.

by Roberta Messner
, Huntington, West Virginia

Mom's Famous Favorite Chocolate Bundt Cake

The author shares her mother's cake recipe, always made as a simple gesture of love and affection.

by Kathryn Slattery
, New Canaan, Connecticut

A pair of Pita Joes, with an ear of corn on the side

Here's a low-sodium favorite loaded with veggies and flavor, not fat. It's perfect for lunchtime, dinnertime—anytime!

by American Heart Association

A slice of Elizabeth's Turtle Cheesecake

This delicious and easy-to-make cheesecake will soon become a family favorite.

by Elizabeth Urlaub
, Burnsville, Minnesota

A delectable pizza made according to Megan and Jill's recipe

Pineapple, olives, peppers—top your pizza with what you love!

by Megan Carle and Jill Carle

Dwan Reed's Chipotle Salad

A loving wife who used nutritious foods to help her husband beat cancer shares a spicy salad recipe.

by Dwan Reed
, Spring, Texas

Dwan Reed's Cab-Ca-Po

Here's one of the recipes Dwan Reed came up with to help with her husband's healing from prostate cancer.

by Dwan Reed
, Spring, Texas

Horehound candy

This old-fashioned confection is said to be good for sore throats, upset stomachs and whatever else may ail you.

by Douglas Scott Clark
, Maryville, Tennessee

Salmon with Black Bean Salsa

Light flavors make this a perfect meal for a hot summer day.

by Barbara Seelig-Brown

Chocomize Candy Hearts

These dark chocolate and butterscotch delights will make perfect Valentine's Day treats for everyone you love.

by Eric Heinbockel
, New York, New York

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