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Emerging into God's Light

After a near-fatal medical emergency left her facing a lengthy and difficult recovery, she wondered where He had been during her trials.

By Lindsey O'Connor, Castle Rock, Colorado

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My mistake wasn’t asking God to show himself in the midst of chaos. That’s natural when you’re in distress. My mistake was assuming that God is present only when we feel him near. His presence is deeper than that. He enters the darkness with us. He stays by our side.

And he’s there when we emerge from that darkness, even if we don’t see him right away. I saw him now, clear and bright as the sun on the hills. As the light in Caroline’s eyes when she saw my face. I picked up my pen and opened my notebook again. I couldn’t wait to tell the story.


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Book Cover -- The Long AwakeningLindsey O'Connor is the author of The Long Awakening: A Memoir (2013) from Revell Books.