Stories Of Hope

      Guideposts co-founder and best-selling author Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
      once turned around the old saying, “Where there is life there is hope,”
      to “Where there is hope there is life.” Why did he do this? Because, as
      he put it, “You’re never beaten down as long as you have hope.”

      The real-life stories of hope here show how individuals in desperate
clung to a glimmer of hope and were richly rewarded. Read on
      and discover the message 
of hope in these truly inspiring stories.






Recent Stories of Hope

An elderly woman's hands are clasped lovingly by a younger woman's hands.

In this preview of Daily Guideposts 2015, a woman's visit with her ailing grandmother confirms an eternal familial bond.

by Stephanie Thompson
, Edmond, Oklahoma

The Ebola virus

This registered nurse and Ph.D. breaks down the disease and how you can protect yourself

by Roberta Messner, R.N., Ph.D.

A black leather woman's purse

Her grandmother, even at 105, had been able to adjust to the changes wrought by time; could she do as well?

by Malinda Bertels
, Edwardsville, Illinois

An open laptop sitting on rumpled bedsheets

A woman battling complex regional pain syndrome awakens from a nap to find an inspiring poem of comfort on her laptop. But who wrote it?

by Lori Cohen
, Petersburg, Virginia

The origins of a mysterious poem are revealed...

Chuck Feeney

Billionaire philanthropist Chuck Feeney has no interest in "taking it with him." By 2016, his foundation will have donated more than $7 billion to worthy causes around the world. Is he the most generous man on the planet?

Brad Wilcox in 1978

Their secret code went back to the days when he was a little boy. Now, suddenly, it was all they had.

by Brad Wilcox
, Provo, Utah

William Joseph

He hated his dad’s alcoholism. He didn’t understand how he could destroy himself. Turned out he wasn’t that different.

by William Joseph
, Columbus, Ohio

A photograph of Kristina Chesterman rests in a field of poppies.
The parents of a college student tragically killed by a drunk driver are inspired to fulfill her dreams.

Author William Styron

The acclaimed author was afflicted with depression in 1985. We spoke to him about that experience.

by William Styron

Perpetuum Jazzile perform "True Colors."

A choir of a hundred talented singers gives a stunning performance of this popular song.

An artist's portrait of Corrie ten Boom

In this story from November 1972, the author of The Hiding Place recalls forgiving a guard at the concentration camp where her sister died.

by Corrie ten Boom

Jane Wyman

In this story from June 1964, the Oscar-winning actress recalls the priest who helped her overcome shyness and focus on God and other people.

by Jane Wyman

Bobby Henline

The only one of his comrades to survive an explosion in Iraq, he soon learned to share his gift of healing humor.

by Bobby Henline
, Universal City, Texas

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