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Stories Of Hope

      Guideposts co-founder and best-selling author Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
      once turned around the old saying, “Where there is life there is hope,”
      to “Where there is hope there is life.” Why did he do this? Because, as
      he put it, “You’re never beaten down as long as you have hope.”

      The real-life stories of hope here show how individuals in desperate
clung to a glimmer of hope and were richly rewarded. Read on
      and discover the message 
of hope in these truly inspiring stories.






Recent Stories of Hope

Hope on Thanksgiving

They didn't know where the food would be coming from for the feast they had in mind, but they'd find a way...

by Carol Petros
, Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

A lost tooth helped two frantic women find happiness during the Christmas rush.

by Kathryn Slattery
, New York, New York

She's never on her own—even when tiny crises hit. She just has to remember to have faith.

by Marion Bond West
, Watkinsville, Georgia

Minister offers church for Yom Kippur when temple burns down

A minister offers his church for Yom Kippur observances when an arsonist burns down the temple of his friend, a rabbi.

by Jeanette Krebs
, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Woman has hope & faith to learn to read

She hadn't told anyone. But by trusting God and holding on to hope and faith, she finally opened up.

by Sonya Moore
, Kansas City, Kansas

Gladys Knight's mom taught her to keep faith and hope strong

Singer Gladys Knight talks about keeping her faith and hope strong—all because of her mother.

by Gladys Knight
, Las Vegas, Nevada

a menorah, which gave this family hope

They'd left everything behind to escape the Nazis, including their precious symbol of Hanukkah. But the package that arrived one day gave them hope.

by Gina Klonoff
, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mary and Joseph at the inn

In this classic story from 1966, a child puts the true meaning of Christmas into the annual holiday pageant.

by Dina Donohue

Rick and Evelyn Husband

Her husband was one of the seven heroes lost in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. 

by Evelyn Husband
, Houston, Texas

Genell and Clyde Dawson

When her husband is given one more night to live, one woman ups the ante with her hope and faith.

by Genell Dawson
, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Hope & faith to be strong after tsunami

A woman and her husband have hope and faith in the face of Thailand's tsunami

by Stephanie Cox
, Kathmandu, Nepal


This radio host brought hope—and water—to an African camp, all because of an e-mail she received.

by Delilah
, Seattle, Washington

Recipes: Peggy Frezon and her husband enjoy tomatoes from their garden

How an urban tomato garden helped one woman get back in touch with her country roots.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Long-distance love

After a job moved him 500 miles away from his wife of 28 years, the two formed an angelic bond by reconnecting in a whole new way.

by Mickey Richardson
, Amarillo, Texas

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