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Stories Of Hope

      Guideposts co-founder and best-selling author Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
      once turned around the old saying, “Where there is life there is hope,”
      to “Where there is hope there is life.” Why did he do this? Because, as
      he put it, “You’re never beaten down as long as you have hope.”

      The real-life stories of hope here show how individuals in desperate
clung to a glimmer of hope and were richly rewarded. Read on
      and discover the message 
of hope in these truly inspiring stories.






Recent Stories of Hope

Peggy Frezon and her son-in-law, Aaron, in the kitchen

She loved her son-in-law and wanted him to know he was part of the family, but did he feel left out?

by Peggy Frezon
, Rennselaer, New York

A robin on a holly branch in the snow

It was a long, cold winter. And hard to imagine Easter. Then Mom’s call came...

by Marci Alborghetti
, New London, Connecticut

Hugh Jackman in a scene from Les Misérables

The award-winning actor and acclaimed director discuss the making of this eagerly awaited inspirational film.

A closeup of a woman wearing a light pink ribbon on her pink polo shirt

Here are six treatment and prevention resources for body, mind and spirit.

by Daniel Ellis-Ferris

A small Christmas tree in an old barn

A man harried by the holiday hustle and bustle is reminded of his uncle's much tougher Christmas during World War II.

by Rod Mason
, Richmond, Virginia

Sundance with an ice-caked mane

Two horses were trapped on an icy mountain. Would help arrive in time?

by Birgit Stutz
, Dunster, British Columbia

Elise Breda

An unanswered Christmas card, a fading college yearbook and a phone call out of the blue connect a woman to her roots.

by Elise Breda
, Delmar, Maryland

Novelist Karen Kingsbury

Christian fiction author Karen Kingsbury shares why and how she chose to adopt three Haitian boys.

Rick Vega (right) meets Eddie Groya, the man who saved him 50 years ago.

A 30-year veteran of the Chicago Fire Department meets the retired fireman who saved his life 50 years ago.

Actress Nia Vardalos

Thanks to a Los Angeles billboard, the acclaimed actress and her husband have a daughter to call their own.

by Nia Vardalos
, Los Angeles, California

A photograph of the destruction in the Rockaways area of NYC

Jaime and Jillian Jordan, who were raised in the Rockaways, have worked to restore that community in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Julie Christie and Omar Sharif in Dr. Zhivago

We all have our favorite scenes from the sweeping romantic epic Doctor Zhivago. For this author one scene lived on forever.

by Jan LaRosa
, Winnetka, Illinois

William Shatner as Capt. Kirk

A teenager who shares a love of Star Trek with his ailing mother prays for her to experience the best day ever.

by Perry Perkins
, Wilsonville, Oregon

Welsh Boys' Choir, Only Boys Aloud members

Only Boys Aloud, a Welsh group of 14 to 19 year olds, appeared on the British reality show, Britain's Got Talent showing the power of a positive attitude and the will to do good...and better. 

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