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Stories Of Hope

      Guideposts co-founder and best-selling author Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
      once turned around the old saying, “Where there is life there is hope,”
      to “Where there is hope there is life.” Why did he do this? Because, as
      he put it, “You’re never beaten down as long as you have hope.”

      The real-life stories of hope here show how individuals in desperate
clung to a glimmer of hope and were richly rewarded. Read on
      and discover the message 
of hope in these truly inspiring stories.






Recent Stories of Hope

Luciano's Circus Pups

Watch circus performer Luciano Anastasini and his delightful Pound Puppies in action!

Asking for help is hard. But needing others can be a tremendous blessing.

by David Morris

Traveling to Oklahoma, I discovered the church my grandfather pastored...

by David Morris

Discovering a place that evokes hopes, dreams and wonders.

by David Morris

Elizabeth Barbera clasps a photo of her departed son Jason.

A grieving mom is inspired and healed by her interactions with a pair of feathered parents-to-be.

by Elizabeth Barbera
, East Meadow, New York

Steve Talley and Eric Roberts, two actors in the film Deadline

Watch as the director and script writer for the film talk about how the movie came to be and what their hopes for the movie are.

Mrs. Johnnie B. Mack

Meet 86-year-old Johnnie B. Mack, who organized the first neighborhood crime watch in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1982.

Jimmy Carter comes to you as a simple man of faith, with a devotional about how to explore a deep and abiding faith of your own.

by David Morris

The keys to happiness lie in our relationships with others.

by David Morris

By truly listening to another person, you are emulating what God does for each one of us.

by David Morris

Uncovering—and sharing—your own true inspirational story.

by David Morris

Mr. Squirrel lazes in the hot Virginia sun

Mary Smith shares what she calls her "happy snappies", the photos that have improved her outlook on life.

You have more to offer God this Lent than you might think.

by David Morris

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter whose inspiring story was told in the film, The Vow

Meet Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, the couple whose marriage was tested by a horrific accident and brain injury. They talk about their trials, their book and the movie based on their story.

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