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Stories Of Hope

      Guideposts co-founder and best-selling author Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
      once turned around the old saying, “Where there is life there is hope,”
      to “Where there is hope there is life.” Why did he do this? Because, as
      he put it, “You’re never beaten down as long as you have hope.”

      The real-life stories of hope here show how individuals in desperate
clung to a glimmer of hope and were richly rewarded. Read on
      and discover the message 
of hope in these truly inspiring stories.






Recent Stories of Hope

picture of flowers: (Photo credit: Klaus Lucka)

Take a moment to be inspired by the beauty of the season’s floral feast.

After years of searching, one woman finally finds the right school for her son...and a renewed sense of hope.

by Julia Attaway

Woman looking sad and distressed

How to heal the emotional, mental and spiritual trauma of suddenly losing everything.

by Alina Larson
, New York, New York

When a mother has trouble naming her newborn, she turns to God for help.

by Sabra Ciancanelli
, Tivoli, New York

An American flag in a cemetery

An encounter with a remarkable elderly couple helps one woman realize just how blessed she is.

by Crystal Giffin
, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

After a tragic school shooting, this Amish community relies on their faith to help them feel safe again.

by Miriam Flaud

Change comes in many ways and in many forms. But no matter what form the change takes, it starts with fearless self-honesty.

by Edward Grinnan

How a devastating illness inspired one man to get creative and embrace positive change.

by Anne Simpkinson

Michael W. Smith

This prayerful offering from Christian singer Michael W. Smith has been an amazing source of hope and inspiration for him and his audiences.

by Michael W. Smith

Daisy Fuentes finds hope in the children at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and recalls how she kept her faith through her mother's battle with cancer.

by Daisy Fuentes
, Los Angeles, California

Michael W. Smith

Christian singer-songwriter Michael W. Smith talks about his new book, the charity work he’s done in Haiti and the miraculous power of hope.

Sounds of Hope

The Christian singer and songwriter talks about inspiring hope with his new album, and touring with Amy Grant for the first time in 22 years.

Rick Hamlin

Rick Hamlin sings a famous Irish ballad for St. Patrick's Day.

A faith journey

How one woman learned that no matter what obstacles you face, God will always see you through.

by Mary Wickersham
, Allen, Texas

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