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Chesapeake Antiques Mysteries author Pam Hanson as a teenager selling antiques

Would my mother and I have written books together without our trial partnership in the antiques trade?

by Pam Hanson
, Kearney, Nebraska

Inspirational Stories blogger Michelle Medlock Adams

As I parked my car, I prayed five simple words: I work for you, God. ​Immediately I felt a weight lift from my heavy heart. 

by Michelle Medlock Adams

For me Holy Week is when I do my spiritual spring cleaning...

by Edward Grinnan

Isn’t it wonderful that the Creator of the world knows you by name?

by Michelle Medlock Adams

The words "eat better" surrounded by vegetables

It was like God was rooting me on, with one little miracle after another...

by Diana Aydin

Stories of Faith blogger Shawnelle Eliasen and her son

My blog is all about marriage, motherhood, friendships and relationships–the ins-and-outs, ups-and-downs of daily life in a home centered on Jesus.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

audio cassette tapes

There was so much I had wanted to ask Dad. I never even got to say goodbye.

by Linda Kipley
, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

an empty bird nest

In this excerpt from Mother's Day Ideals, a mother reflects on the moment her son spread his wings and went off to college.

by Cindy La Ferle

Kelee Katillac and Colette Gauthier
In this video, Kelee Katillac visits a woman battling breast cancer, in order to transform her room into a place of hope, healing and inspiration.
For more about this visit, read Kelee's story.

An old hymn crept into my head. And stayed there. It’s a way to stay in prayer all day long.

by Rick Hamlin

God is the master of surprises. Sometimes it can even feel like he’s playing tricks...

by Diana Aydin

a box of items to be donated to a food pantry

It was just a simple box of cans and jars, but it ended up being so much more…

by Robert Whybrew
, Sugar Grove, Illinois

She reminded me that we should make the most of every single day, walking in love and blooming where we’re planted.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

I’d never prayed for such a thing, to forgive a Pekinese. This was a first.

by Edward Grinnan

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