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Recent Inspirational Stories

Rae Katherine Eighmey's Almond Pound Cake

This pound cake, sturdy enough to be eaten out of hand, is like the one Mary Todd is said to have used to court Abe Lincoln.

by Rae Katherine Eighmey
, Clear Lake, Iowa

For a doubting Thomas widower, the message from his late wife was unmistakable.

by Diana Aydin

How to help someone facing their first Christmas without a loved one.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

As 2014 draws to a close, we want to know.

by Adam Hunter

An angel on a Christmas tree

There may have been no presents under the tree, but their three-year-old could sense the presence of angels around it.

by Rachel Westfall
, Mendota, Virginia

A stack of star-shaped sugar cookies with a Christmas ribbon tied around them

Brand new on the job, she wasn't really in the spirit at the office Christmas party—until an anonymous angel made her feel part of the team.

by Paula Dyer
, Stillwater, New Jersey

Thanksgiving Pie

Break tradition this year and use those turkey day leftovers to make a meat pie!

by Sherry Gore
, Pinecraft, Florida

Two of the young children served by Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center

Inspired by their Christian faith, the people of Cactus Ministry Center minister to the diverse immigrant communities in Cactus, Texas. Read Susan Downs' story!

The Sainte-Chapelle was built in the thirteenth century by King Louis IX.

There are some places where heaven meets earth...

by Carol Wallace
, New York, New York

George Barnes and his heaven-sent pooch, Cubby

He never wanted this dog. Now he didn’t know what he would do without him.

by George Barnes
, Verona, New Jersey

Super hero figurines bow before the Christ child.

Did her grandsons really understand the meaning of the Nativity?

by Mary Lou Schulz Kaelberer
, Denver, Colorado

Easy-to-make paper poinsettias

Diana Aydin demonstrates how to make paper poinsettias for your home or to share with friends. Read Johnna Laird's story about sending these flowers to a soldier in Afghanistan!

Do you believe in angel dogs? If not, you will after reading Gabriel's story.

by Peggy Frezon

A mysterious stranger gave her a blanket after an auto accident on a wintry day.

A kindly stranger covered her with a blanket after she was injured in a wintry car accident—but where did he go?

by Eileen Jurain
, Derby, New York

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