Faith Quotes

Inspiring quotes to bolster your faith and remind you of the power of faith and God’s presence in our lives.

Faith Quote_David Oyelowo

I think it's vital to have something outside your acting to keep you rooted. For me, being a Christian has been invaluable: It simply means acting isn't the center of my life.

David Oyelowo

Faith quote_Terry Tempest Williams

Faith is not about finding meaning in the world; there may be no such thing. Faith is the belief in our capacity to create meaningful lives.

Terry Tempest Williams

Faith Quote_@Saintly_Life

Faith is having a positive attitude about what you can do and not worrying at all about what you can't do.

@Saintly_Life on Twitter

FAith Quote_eraser

Write your problems down in pencil, and give the eraser to God.

submitted by Cathy Coniglio Pendola

Faith Quotes_Kyle Idleman

Like a GPS system that gives us a heads up when our exit is quickly approaching, God's Word speaks into our lives right when we need it the most.

Kyle Idleman

Faith Quote_Philip Yancey

I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will make sense only in reverse.

Philip Yancey

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