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Health Quotes

These inspirational health quotes are just what the doctor ordered to keep your spirits up if you’re struggling with your own health issues. From doctors to cancer survivors, our collection of health quotes reminds us that faith, prayer and laughter are the best medicine.


 Pray not for the healing of your body, but rather the healing of your soul. For the body is temporary, but the soul is eternal. And with the healing of the soul, the body will follow. 
- Stowe Dailey Shockey, singer-songwriter and author
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 The way I deal with arthritis is to keep moving. As long as you can play hard tennis, as long as you can ski or ride a horse—all kinds of things can come your way. As long as you can do it. 
- Robert Redford, 76-year-old actor and activist
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 The Great Physician still makes house calls. 
- Loretta Gault, Guideposts reader, Port St. Lucie, Florida
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 If you don’t have time to be sick, make time to be well. 
- sign in the window of a chiropractor’s office in Boston, Massachusetts
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 The essence of all health begins with joyful living. 
- Jesse Dylan, host of The Good Life Show
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 I think the wave of the future will not be to rely specifically on prayer or specifically on medicine or surgery. We need to get beyond this either/or way of looking at things and say they both work—they are compatible. 
- Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D., Author
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 Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy. 
- Catherine Fenwick, Author and motivational speaker
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 When a friend becomes ill, remember that hope and positive thinking are strong medicines. 
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Author
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 Throughout my illness, I prayed. My prayer was answered not because I lived; my prayer was answered because I felt better able to cope with my sickness. 
- Rabbi David J. Wolpe, Cancer survivor
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 You can’t die cured, but you can die healed….understanding…that death is not a betrayal of life but a part of it. 
- Rabbi Arnold Gluck
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 I went from patient to advocate in a day. The feeling of being able to serve….to be able to offer up my story as much as it is uncomfortable, it’s a tremendous privilege. 
- Michael J. Fox, Actor
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 If I just waited for a cure, I wouldn’t really be alive. I’ve remodeled my life...so that I can achieve something with what I have. 
- Laura Hillenbrand, Author
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 I’ve been asked how I can constantly work with people who are dying. I’m not. I’m working with people who are living. 
- Lori Wiener, Ph.D., Coordinator of the Pediatric HIV Psychosocial Program, the National Cancer Institute
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 ...Men and women who have recovered from this disease [depression]…bear witness to what is probably its only saving grace: it’s conquerable. 
- William Styron, Author
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