A Reminder of God's Promises

The mailman brings an Iowa woman an uplifting gift of tokens to remind her of blessings from the Bible.

By M. Linda Dunbar, Coin, Iowa

As appeared in

One day the mailman left me a lumpy manila envelope. Its contents puzzled me at first—until I read the accompanying letter from a special friend.

"This is a 'love kit,'" she explained. "Each of the items enclosed represents a promise God made about blessing your life. I'm sending it to remind you how much He cares about you—and how much I do, too."

I got out my Bible and, one by one, looked up the verses attached to each item:

  • A bar of candy—Psalm 34:10
  • A shiny dime—Philippians 4:19
  • A key chain—Proverbs 3:33
  • A packet of colorful tissues—Job 11:16
  • A big red eraser—Jeremiah 31:34
  • A Band-Aid—Psalm 147:3
  • A pretty comb—Matthew 10:30,31

By the time I finished reading about God's abundant provision for my needs, comfort, frogiveness, healing and protection, I was wearing a wide smile. The ordinary but whimsical little trinkets had brightened my day, and browsing through the Bible had refreshed my mood.

In fact, I continued to page through it looking for verses to send to a 17-year-old. I was already planning the "love kit" I'd make for her birthday!

Here's more info on creating your own Scripture Love Kits.

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thank you so much for reminding me all about gods promises

Do you have an arcive section to be able to look up past issues.. I am looking for 1998 Guideposts story "Heal Me, O Lord" Any help would be appreciated...

Hi Marty. There's a search window in the upper right corner of the page; you can search on title or author and turn up what you're looking for. Not all of our older stories are on the website, but those that are can be found via the search tool. Here's the url for the story you were looking for: http://www.guideposts.org/prayer/heal-me-o-lord

Any way we can get the guideposts.org/scripturepdf reported in the September issue of Guideposts. In that issue there was a note from Anne Simpkinson about the kits that Kathy Dillard put together. The note says we can download copies of the file by going to guideposts.org/scripturepdf. BUT I've tried several times with no luck!
In cheerful service,

Ray, guideposts.org/scripturepdf does work. I just tested it. Perhaps your browser requires the other coding in front of it -- http://www.guideposts.org/scripturepdf There's also a link to the page with the pdf file in the story above. But in any case, here's the full URL: http://www.guideposts.org/inspirational-stories/inspiring-others-with-sc...

I would also like a copy of the list of items and bible verses to use for our church senior citizens and youth group. I tried guideposts.org/scripturepdf but was not successful. Perhaps I am too late for this posting.

Any way to get list of items and corresponding verses for love kit? An older article had a photo but could not enlarge to read all of the great creative ideas. Thanks so much.

I would love to have a copy of the list of scriptures and items used to make the love kits by louise alexander.

I give my grand-daughter a love kit she really loved it,she 24yrs old she got her Bible out & hunted up the verses.I'm hunting for different verses for my son-in-law for his brithday.

I too would like a list if it is available this is such a wonderful project for the young ones during VBS as a love to those they know and also to the attendees of the VBS Thanks

I too would like to have a list of the many items/verses used in the Scripture/Love Kits for an outreach project in our church. Is there a book, literature, etc. which can be purchased or acquired for this purpose? I was very touched by the ideas shared. Thank you.

Sandy Petry

Roma Downey's story is a beautiful one about relationships and how important they are. She exemplifies what the story of Touched By An Angel is all about, i.e. familial relationships. I believe Della Reese was HER angel and fulfilled the need she had for a mother's love and a special relationship. What a beautiful relationship with a co-worker. This is what God's love is all about. Thank you Roma for being such a great role model for women.

Thankyou for those beautiful inspiring stories

I would like a list of the items and verses if it is available. Thank you for any assistance. Our Women's Fellowship group is interested in this for a project.

surely; god would want to share this with others,

I, too, would like to know if there is any way to get a list of the many items/verses that Louise used in her kits.

Is there any way to get a list of the many items/verses that Louise used in her kits???