Five Things You Didn't Know About Kristin Chenoweth

Even her fans might learn something from these interesting facts.

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Kristin Chenoweth has experienced success on the stage, in the movies, on TV, and as a recording artist. But here are five bits of insider info that even her fans might not be familiar with.

1. She is called Kris or Kristi by family and friends. Her given name is Kristi Dawn. She didn’t become "Kristin" until her musical theater teacher at Oklahoma City University, Florence Birdwell, suggested putting the "n" at the end of her first name to make it sound a bit more professional.

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2. She cherishes her pink leather Bible embossed with her name, a gift from her mom 20 years ago.

3. She was given a set of rosary beads by Martin Sheen when they were on The West Wing. “One day on set I was nervous about an upcoming flight. He went to his dressing room and came back with a rosary blessed by Pope John Paul II to carry with me when I travel. That he shared his faith with me was really special.” P.S. Check out Martin’s dramatic and inspiring 1986 Guideposts story.

4. She has a big sweet tooth. Her specialty: No Calorie Left Behind Butterfinger Pie. “Crush up six Butterfingers then stir into Cool Whip (12 oz.). Dump it all into a premade graham-cracker crust. Freeze. Devour.”

5. She honors her heroes. For her new album, Some Lessons Learned, Kristin wrote the song “What Would Dolly Do,” a tribute to her idol, Dolly Parton. “I just admire her career. And she’s nice to everybody. When I met her she told me, 'Honey, you should play me!'"

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My doctor, Dr. Laura Downey, has given my near normalcy by inserting a tube in my ear so that Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate drops get closer to the problem inner ear. From what I understand, she is only one of two doctors in my state to do this method. Together with a low salt diet, a diuretic and a antihistamine, I feel so much better. She is located in West Orange, NJ and has been named to top 100 doctors in NJ magazines in case Kristin Chenoweth wishes to contact her.

this is a comment for Kristin Chenoweth. I enjoyed her story, I can relate to her because I have Meniere disease also. Finally I found a Dr. he placed me on Diamox high dose at first now I take125 mg daily. this keeps the fluid out of your ears. Also on hand he gave me Valium 5 mg. if I get real dizzy and vomit I take one, get in bed for a while and all is well. I haven't had an attack in some time. I also watch sodium and caffine. thought this would help you. Lana wilson 10928 Federal Drive Port Richey Fl. 34668. In addition I lost hearing and now have hearing aids.

Meniere's Disease is devastating. I have an Aunt that has had it for years. You have to rearrange your life and your activities when dealing with this disease. I have ongoing imbalance but I have been tested for Meniere's but according to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida I do not have that for which I am grateful. I tried to get help for my dizziness but the doctor I went to was having me do things (exercises) that ran contrary to all of the methods that I had developed on my own to cope with it. I am 63 years old now and I find it hard to give up those coping skills I developed on my own.
I thank Kristin for sharing her story and she must be a very strong young woman and as she said, "she has her mother and her aunts praying for her".
Glenda Simpson

We're so glad our stories continue to inspire you. And thank for your care and concern re: Meniere's relief. It's policy not to give out addresses. If you'd like to write a note and send it to Guideposts, 16 East 34th St., 21st floor, NY, NY 10016 we can forward it. Many thanks again. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. -- The Editors

Dear Guideposts friends,
Again, it is great reading your stories of inspiration. I am especially moved by this story of Kristin. I too suffer from dizzy spells, some of them unexplained by many doctors.
But a friend of mine suffered from Meniere's Disease several years ago and actually got help.

I would like to write to Kristin directly and introduce my friend Karlene to her.

I do believe God has healing all ready and waiting for her.
I would be honoured if you would pass on my note.
My name is Laztanian 'Cutie' Beersingh
my email is cutiebeersingh @ and I reside in Jamaica, W. I. Telephone (876) 772-8803.

God bless you.

L. Cutie Beersingh