God Is My Co-Author

An unexpected opportunity and stalwart faith inspires a former writer to reclaim a long-neglected but cherished talent.

By Sharon Hinck, Bloomington, Minnesota

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I read the e-mail again. It was an invitation to be part of a new devotional project, writing personal stories about faith. Well, I sure can’t do that, I thought. Not anymore.

Once, words had been my tools. For years I had written novels that pointed to God’s extraordinary grace. Then a bout with a viral infection left me with a disabling chronic illness.

I missed my old life: hiking, attending church, going on outings with friends. Most of all, I missed words. Cognitive difficulties made it hard to read, much less write. Even a simple conversation could exhaust me. Write devotionals? No, that was way too much.

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I had prayed for healing. I’d even had some improvement. On good days, I could edit small projects for friends or answer an e-mail or two. But my homebound life hardly gave me any interesting material to craft into a devotional, even if I could summon all of the necessary focus.

I moved the mouse to “reply” and wrote that though I was grateful for the invitation, I couldn’t participate. Then just as I was about to send my response, a strong feeling came over me, almost as if my hand were being stopped by some unseen force. When I call you, I equip you, came a familiar whisper, a voice that had always been there to guide me.

Could I trust it even now?

I summoned all my faith, accepted the offer and hit “send.” At once I felt a rush of hope come over me.

Did words begin to pour from me at that very moment? No, and that is not the way God always works.

Writing continues to be a clumsy climb up a mountain…shackled with chains…in a blizzard.

Each morning Jesus meets me at my keyboard and is at my side along the journey. When I can’t find anything to write about, he kindles just the right memory. He brings me the right word when I can’t find it on my own. It might take me an entire morning to complete a single paragraph, but I am writing again.

And now I see why I was chosen for this devotional project. It is called, quite aptly, Mornings With Jesus.

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You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life with others and how you depend on Jesus each morning.
God bless and know you are prayed for.

I found your link on FB this morning and I know the Lord sent you my way. My blog post today is about the struggles I am going through in my writing. Thank you so much for being an inspiration.

God is my co-author was God message to me.My Bible Reading i can no longer comparably or stick.But the inspirational stores are such great word of God.When i order them last year i was wondering how in the world can i pay for them.Just another explain how God will supply our needs,not our greasiness but just what he new i need.Another explain is when i fill out my offertory i had no i deed where the money was going to come from.WOW UPS delivery a package to me and was five america express cards each for $100,00 each from a Sweepstakes i entry on Guideposts magazine. This was such great Blessing.After over fifty three years of working planing for our Retirement,the rescission hit three family members lost good jobs and had to move back in with us.And both myself and husband had some chronically health issue.but no matter what he they for us.Ester Yates.

Reading your story gave me inspiration. I, too, struggle with my writing - some days worse than others. Even more paralyzing is the fear of my writing being rejected. You have reminded me that what we have been called to do with our lives is not always easy. But with God it is possible. Thank you.

Dear Sharon, Thank you for your inspiring words. For some reason I got up out of a deep sleep came to my computer and started to read your story.It is the answer to a prayer that I have been worrying over for a while. The words "When I call ,I equip you"were the very words I needed to hear so I can help my son . Thank You and Thank You God Now I need to just get busy get a plan and act on this issue. Thanks for sharing .

Sharon, your story is so inspiring. For the longest time I've wanted to write about things in the 'devotional' area but never had the courage to do so. I don't know why I forgot God's whisper he would be my guide when I started writing. I think I paid more attention to my own limitations instead of God's gifts. Good luck to you in your writing and speedy healing

Thank you, Sharon, for blessing me with your story. I'm not sure of what led me here, but I needed to read what you wrote, especially God's whispering, "When I call you, I equip you". That sent a strong, loving wave throughout my body, assuring me to move forward in my own writing project and to not let what we assume we cannot do interfere with what God has called us to do. I am reminded that God does not call us to fail; nor does He abandon us in our tasks. He calls us because the gift that He has given us is going to bless someone, just as you have blessed me. Thank you so very much for sharing this. May God continue to bless and heal you.