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Leading Inspirational Publisher Enhances its Digital Offerings with Improved User Interface, Suite of FREE eBooks and Topical Newsletters

CARMEL, NY—JULY 19, 2010Guideposts, the non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope, encouragement, and inspiration to millions across America and the world, today relaunched its website with a whole new look and feel.

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The Rescue of Belle and Sundance

The Rescue of Belle and Sundance

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The new offers daily inspirational stories, blogs, photos and videos as well as a library of free eBooks. Additionally, the website has expanded its newsletter offerings and daily content based on the needs and interests of Guideposts readers.

“For more than sixty years, millions have come to Guideposts for inspiration. The redesigned builds on that legacy by providing users with access to more free inspirational content as a way to introduce the expanding suite of Guideposts products,” said Philip Charles-Pierre, VP, Digital Media, Guideposts. “By providing users this unprecedented access, we hope to attract new users to Guideposts, and to become their new source of inspiration, hope, and encouragement regardless of lifestage or need.”

A new and improved follows and builds on a string of notable accolades with improved navigation providing users better access to our content and brands including: Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines, Daily Guideposts, the Guideposts Foundation, OurPrayer, and Guideposts Books.

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Paths to Happiness: 7 Real Life Stories of Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

Paths to Happiness

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In April 2010, Guideposts was named a finalist in the Best Site Redesign category in the min’s Best of the Web Awards. Last October 2009, Guideposts was recognized as the Best Faith-Based website by the Web Marketing Association. Also in the same month, Mequoda named Guideposts as the fastest growing publisher website, given its 850 percent growth from July 2008 to July 2009.

About Guideposts FREE eBooks

The library of newly created eBooks provides visitors with inspiring material on popular topics:

A Prayer for Every Need

Angel Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stores About Heavenly Angels and Everyday Angels on Earth

Daily Devotionals: 7 Days of Bible Devotions to Strengthen Your Faith

Inspirational Quotes About Life, Love, Faith and Hope

Mysterious Ways: 9 Inspiring Stories That Show Evidence of God's Love and God's Grace

Paths to Happiness: 7 Real Life Stories of Personal Growth, Self Improvement and Positive Change

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Guideposts Magazine - August Issue

Guideposts Magazine

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Positive Thinking 2010: Rediscover the Power of Positive Thinking with Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Hope: 7 Inspirational Stories of People Rediscovering Faith, Hope and Love

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I write inspirational poetry and would be interested in seeing some of my poems in Guideposts.

Hello Karen. Guideposts generally doesn't publish much poetry, but if you'd like to submit your work for consideration, use the link at the bottom of this page that reads Tell Us Your Story. If our editors feel your submission is a good fit, they'll be in touch with you.

I'm 62 years old,I went to New York when I was 12 years old.
My grandmother was told me of Dr.Norman Vincent Peale,and I would read the Guideposts with her. When we made the trip to New York, we went his church. My grandmother got to sit in the church,my mother,brother,cousin,and grandfather sat in the basement of the church,and say him on a large screan. I remember him saying anyone can worship the lord no matter what they wear. That was with me all my life.
When I went to a church with a friend,and the pastor was saying that you can't ware short skirts and make-up, that God would not expect you. This upset me and I thought of Norman's sermon when I was 12. I never forgot it.
Is their a site where I can listen to his videos,heard the ones you have on here.

I don't know of another site, Bertha, but if you or a loved one has an iPhone or iPad, there's an app that allows you to view and hear sermons from Dr. Peale.

on November 2, 2012 I mailed a money order to you for $18.00 for magazine to be send to me in Michigan and one to be send to my sister in Portland, TN. she has gotten over 2 issues already and I haven't gotten any. would you please check into it for me. my name is Mary Hendershott p.o. box 244 219 crapo street Elberta, MI 49628. the money order was a postal one and here is the number: 50874392575. I was also suppose to get a free calendar too. thank you
Mary Hendershott

Hello Mary. Please contact our customer service department at (800) 431-2344 or by email at They will be able to assist you.

I would like to gift the "Joys of Christmas 2012"
Can you give me the cost please?

Jean Potter

Hi Jean. Click the Shop link on the upper right and you can purchase The Joys of Christmas there.

We have been subscribers for years and this year we have problem. We renewed our gift for Betty L. Brookie, 506 Churchill Xing, Madison Tn 37115-2274. Our account number is 003567745. Please confirm that you have or have not received our payment of $16.97. We are trying to locate the payment which we thought we made.

Robert, please contact our customer service department at (800) 431-2344 or by email at They will be able to assist you.

I ordered 2 Guidepost hardback calendars last year and gave one as a gift. The recipient was very happy and loved it. The reason I am writing is because I am saddened and disappointed that Guideposts informed me that they were automatically sending me 2 calendars for the year 2012 and billed me for the amount. This type of business practice offends me and I don't feel like I should be obligated to pay for both. You will get your payment, though I am not sorry that it is late in coming.The calendar is beautiful and spiritual, it's the way it is marketed that is offending and in the future, I would recommend that you don't do this type of thing to your loyal readers.

Patricia, I can't speak directly to your situation -- it's outside my purview, I'm afraid -- but if you contact our customer department, they should be able to assist you. Their toll-free number is (800) 431-2344 or you can email them at

This is to notify you that I had paid my gift subscription on October 1st through the bill pay system of my checking account. My account number is 0028405926. My name is Sharon H. Black and the gift subscription was to my daughter Kristine T. Black at 4601 N 102nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85037-5207. If there is a problem, please notify me at

Thank you for your attention in these matters.

Yours truly
Sharon H. Black

I received a call from a Nicole at Guideposts telling me that the subscription was going up to $49.97 a year and she was calling to offer me a discount of $20.00 off. Her supervisor came on and asked me some questions like was she polite. I believe his name was Ron. Anyway , the offer had to be posted today if I were to get the discount and he wanted either a credit card number or a check number. I refused and he tried pressuring me and asking why I wouldn`t give that over the phone. I just told him it was my policy not to. He kept stating that he hated for me to either drop the magazine or have to pay the higher price. I said simply, NO! and he hung up. If this is a scam, you have someone who has access to accounts and you need to be aware of this. If it is for real and the subscription is going up that much a year, please remove my name from your records. I enjoy the magazine and usually read it as soon as I get it. I can not afford that much. The reason I am contacting you, after I looked at the price in the one I received this week and it is not any where close to the price the guy quoted. I thought you may need to know. Thank you for this avenue of correspondence. Yours truly, Judy Goins

Dear Ms. Goins, Thank you for alerting us about this -- the people who called you are NOT affiliated with Guideposts in any way, and the subscription rate increase they mentioned is not correct. The rates printed in your magazine, and on this site, are the correct ones. Your comment has been forwarded to our customer service department. If you ever need to contact them about your subscription, you may reach them toll-free at 1-800-431-2344 or via email at this link: Thank you again for contacting us, and for being a Guideposts subscriber!