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Down-home Diva Finds Strength and Comfort in Prayer

A popular actress's successful life and career are firmly grounded in a bedrock of family and faith.

By Kristin Chenoweth, Los Angeles, California

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Doctors have asked, "How do you do it?" How do you walk onstage, let alone dance, if the ground is swaying beneath you and you think you’re going to throw up? I’ll ask, "Why me?" a hundred times. I’ll say, "This is my cross to bear." In the end, though, I leave the whole thing in God’s hands. I just hand it over and let it go.

One of my favorite Bible stories is when Jacob wrestles with the angel. He won’t let go until he gets the angel’s blessing. "You seem so happy" people say to me, and it’s true, I’m usually upbeat. Still, staying positive takes work. It doesn’t always come easy. I get depressed, I gripe, I get into a perfectionist’s funk.

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And yet I’m thankful every day. For my family, my friends, my career, my voice, even for setbacks and struggles like this nasty disease that I wish would go away. I believe in wrestling that angel to the ground until I can claim my blessing.

Like my grandma, I have lots of questions, but I’ve never doubted that God is listening to me. I know I’ll get the answers to most of my questions someday—and maybe I’ll even find out where all of my missing socks are.

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