Faith Far Beneath the Surface

For 65 hours after the quake hit Haiti, this young American aid worker was hopelessly trapped beneath a collapsed hotel. Here's his survival story, one year later.

By Daniel Woolley, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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That Tuesday in January 2010, the Hotel Montana, with its white columns, layered terraces and open-air lobby, was a welcome sight after a long day on the streets near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. With a videographer and an interpreter, I’d interviewed families living in the shacks clustered around the city, gathering video footage for Compassion International, a Christian nonprofit that helps disadvantaged children throughout the world. It would go on a website showing our health-care and education programs for new mothers and their children. My notes had almost filled my small Moleskine journal. Now, after a long, bumpy ride back in our SUV, I looked forward to dinner and a good night’s sleep.

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I’d only been working for Compassion International for 18 months. Normally I gathered stories created by others. This was my turn to be on the scene. My wife, Christy, worried about the trip. Because of her concerns, I downloaded a first-aid app for my iPhone, just in case. “I’ll be fine,” I assured her. When I traveled I worried more about her and our boys, six-year-old Josh and three-year-old Nathan. Working for a nonprofit fit my values, but it was challenging for us financially. Right now things were strained at home. I wished I could believe everything would work out for us, but I hadn’t been able to focus much on my faith lately, and was praying less often. I felt out of touch with God.

I slung my camera around my neck and climbed out of the SUV, waving goodbye. I glanced at my watch: 4:52. Walking through the lobby, I turned to catch one more glimpse of the city.

Boom! It sounded like a thunder­clap, but so close it shook the ground beneath my feet and I stumbled. The walls rippled like liquid—then exploded, sending splinters of concrete, wood and glass flying. There was a rumble I recognized from my boyhood in California: earthquake!

I bolted for the outdoor stairs. An archway swayed and collapsed. A wall crumbled and part of the ceiling fell, striking my head. Everything went black. Pulverized concrete and mortar clogged my throat. I gasped for air. More crashes. Screams, sounding far away.

I couldn’t see a thing. I felt my face. My glasses were gone. Had something gotten in my eyes and blinded me? Pain shot from my left leg and I realized my foot was pinned under debris. I tried to yank it free, but that made the pain worse. I touched the back of my head. Warm, sticky. Blood?

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