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Inspiring Real Life Stories

Recent Inspiring Real Life Stories

Ben Simon, founder of Food Recovery Network

A University of Maryland college student saw how much food went to waste every day on campus... and decided to do something about it. 

Chris Rosati is introduced by an emcee at a local high school.

Meet Chris Rosati, who refused to let Lou Gehrig's disease keep him from spreading joy to young and old alike.

Alice Herz Sommer

Alice Herz Sommer, the world's oldest Holocaust survivor and oldest pianist, still finds great joy in music and people.

Edward Grinnan, Guideposts Editor-in-Chief

A lost elderly woman with Alzheimer's is guided by God's love.

Edward Grinnan, Guideposts Editor-in-Chief

A heavy sleeper wakes with an overwhelming thirst at exactly the right time.

Mysterious Ways editor Edward Grinnan

Without knowing why, she ran to her children’s bedroom on the other side of the house. Thank God she did!

Tim Harris, owner of Tim's Place

Tim Harris is living his dream as the owner of the "world's friendliest" restaurant, and he just happens to have Down syndrome.

Mary C. Neal, who had a near-death experience

Watch as this orthopedic surgeon describes her riveting near-death experience--the heavenly angels she met, the beauty she encountered and the knowledge she gained.

Merry Keller

Would a 61-year-old former math teacher dare to compete in the country-western dance world championship?

by Merry Keller
, Shreveport, Louisiana

J.R. Martinez, author and winner of Dancing with the Stars competition

Meet J.R. Martinez, Army veteran and winner of the Dancing with the Stars competition, who talks about his new book, Full of Heart, and the importance of accepting change.

Welsh Boys' Choir, Only Boys Aloud members

Only Boys Aloud, a Welsh group of 14 to 19 year olds, appeared on the British reality show, Britain's Got Talent showing the power of a positive attitude and the will to do good...and better. 

Generation Inspiration: James Arruda Henry

Connecticut fisherman James Arruda Henry, who recently authored a book, shares his inspiring story of learning to read and write in his mid-90s.

A woman runs at sunrise carrying a large American flag

Meet seven of America’s most inspiring athletes, winners all.

Andy Garcia in the the film For Greater Glory

The star of the film For Greater Glory, a historical drama based on actual events, speaks about the film's message of the struggle for freedom and the right to practice one's faith.

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