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Recent Kids Stories

Carlton Milbrandt's castle painting, with a magnifying glass superimposed on it

He was so close to tracking down the castle that had so long fascinated him. But where was the final clue?

by Carlton Milbrandt
, Northville, Michigan

A happy family on vacation at the ocean

A family vacation sheds light on recognizing the importance of the Lord in my life.

by Gwen Ford Faulkenberry
, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

A young J. Robert Mathias in his soldier's uniform

We left winter and the war outside to be welcomed into the warmth of Christmas.

by J. Robert Mathias
, Boonville, California

Richard Brookins as St. Nicholas arrives in a jeep accompanied by two angels

Kids in this European town hadn't celebrated Christmas in years because of the war.

by Richard Brookins
, Pittsford, New York

Mary Czerak

An overwhelmed mother of seven is reminded that she should treasure even the most hectic moments with her kids.

by Mary Czerak
, Aurora, Illinois

Rick Hamlin

Only upon her passing did contributing editor Rick Hamlin understand the gifts given to his friend's mother.

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

Caroline Updyke with her daughter Lauren

Her daughter was brave about her learning disability, braver than her mother.

by Caroline Updyke
, Short Hills, New Jersey

An artist's rendering of an infant in a glowing white baby carrier

She saw her newborn son fall to the floor as she prepared to feed him. Would he escape harm?

by Carla Hendricks
, Little Rock, Arkansas

An artist's rendering of an angel with blue butterfly wings

In this excerpt from Best Angel Stories 2014, a mother receives an amazing sign of reassurance that her son is at peace in heaven.

by Barbara Wills
, Glencoe, Alabama

Shawnelle Eliasen

Though she liked things as they were, deep down she knew they couldn’t stay that way.

by Shawnelle Eliasen
, Port Byron, Illinois

a coil of thick rope

There was something in our church craft cabinet…something I’d never seen in there before.

by Sandi Sebak Bean
, Bottineau, North Dakota

The room was full of positive energy—the energy of joy, of excitement, of community...

by Katie Allen Berlandi

An artist's rendering of a white kitten with angel's wings

A mother is made proud when her children exhibit a divine generosity toward a neighbor.

by Becky Banks
, Cashion, Oklahoma

Kelly Gallagher

Nothing interesting ever happened in her neighborhood. Or so she thought.

by Kelly Gallagher
, New York, New York

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