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License plate reading UR-UR-GFT

A California woman sees her vanity license tag as a chance to spread a positive message.

by Ruthie Raduziner Marek
, Westlake Village, California

Rick and Carol with their sons Will and Tim today

In this excerpt from his new book, Rick Hamlin shares that nothing teaches you more about prayer than parenthood.

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

An artist's rendering of Susan's dream

In this excerpt from Dreams of Angels, a woman's hope for a new home seems out of reach until a heavenly message reassures her it is meant to be.

by Susan Fawcett
, Springfield, Missouri

Nancy Gibbs

A grandmother intimidated by her new smartphone finds it's the ideal way for her grandkids to tell her how much they care.

by Nancy Gibbs
, Cordele, Georgia

However you define it, outreach involves extending ourselves, our talents, our resources, to help others.

by Katie Allen Berlandi

Edward Sabella

A family recipe fills an old cook with new hope

by Edward Sabella
, Elsberry, Missouri

Rosemary Marbach and her nephews Patrick and Daniel

An eggless, butterless, milkless cake from the Great Depression: a tasty recipe for tough times

by Rosemary Marbach
, Boston, Massachusetts

Nancy Sleeth

A little faith–and a lot of fresh ingredients–helped this New England transplant in a pinch whip up a hearty soup dinner for a dozen Southerners.

by Nancy Sleeth
, Wilmore, Kentucky

Delilah at the mic

She’s known every kind of heartache—a troubled childhood, broken relationships, crippling addictions. Find out how she overcame it all.

by Delilah
, Seattle, Washington

Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

Repeated viewings of the film Groundhog Day help one writer better appreciate the blessings in his life.

by Paul Hannam
, San Diego, California

Kyle Woodard

He had a bold request, but God had never let him down before.

by Kyle Woodard
, Spokane, Washington

Guideposts executive editor Rick Hamlin

Guideposts' executive editor recalls how prayer helped him say goodbye to his beloved father.

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

Donna Martin and her husband, "Pastor"

Seventy-six abused or neglected kids find a home in the unlikeliest of places.

by Donna Martin
, Center, Texas

Renai Albaugh and Kelly Cameron

My husband and I had lost everything...except my old roomie Kelly.

by Renai Albaugh
, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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