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Recent Kids Stories

A woman stacks sealed cardboard cartons.

A pair of empty nesters are inspired to rid themselves of unnecessary possessions to make room for ... whom?

by Sharon Devaux-Garman
, Auburn, Indiana

Daily Guideposts Contributor, Ashley Kappel

See God's love instead of life's little annoyances.

by Ashley Kappel
, Jacksonville, Florida

A parked orange VW van on a cold, rainy day

With the door having come off her creaky old van and no help in sight, how would she make it home with her kids?

by Theresa Leaming
, Guymon, Oklahoma

Holiday presents

Sixty kids and only forty gifts. It seemed like only Santa could help.

by Peggy King
, New Milford, Connecticut

A red Christmas ornament with silver glitter

A crash woke me up—the sound of glass breaking. I bounded out of bed...the big tree lay on its side, surrounded by shattered ornaments.

by Kym Reinstadler
, Holland, Michigan

An artist's rendering of winged railroad fireman looking out from a steam engine

A pair of boys whose parents are struggling are looked upon kindly by a charitable railroad man.

by Douglas Scott Clark
, Maryville, Tennessee

An artist's rendering of a house being showered by roses

Weeks went by without a buyer, but finally a young girl's faith was rewarded.

by Jo Mikels
, Austin, Texas

Marie Hatcher with Matthew

Heart defects are the most common birth defect yet there is no required screening. Meet a mom who's changing that.

by Marie Hatcher
, Sherman, Connecticut

I wished my husband could be at the Christmas concert with us…

by Carol Seitz
, Niskayuna, New York

A Santa outfit hangs from a coat rack.

A single mom of limited means is amazed when an expected visitor pays a call on Christmas.

by Suzy Zabel
, Westminster, Maryland

A Christmas ornament depicting an angel on a cloud

Her granddaughter's fascination with her Christmas ornaments sparked warm remembrances for this grandmother.

by Linda Gillis
, Sun City, Arizona

Nested Eggs Benedict

This dish looks festive and tastes fantastic—it's the perfect breakfast for Christmas morning!

by Kathy Turner
, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Susan Windrum and her kids

She thought herself too young and too busy to deal with arthritis, but her faith helped her through a double hip replacement.

by Susan Windrum
, Croton-on-Hudson, New York

Dora Aandedur teaches her grandkids to make lefse.

She was more than a neighbor; she was a guardian angel who shared a recipe never to be forgotten.

by Dora Aanderud
, Hutchinson, Minnesota

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