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Recent Kids Stories

Picture of oil well festooned with colorful Christmas lights

Babysitting an oil well was about as far from a Norman Rockwell Christmas as she could imagine.

by Janice Brooks-Headrick
, Sevierville, Tennessee

Bruno Serato

In this video from CBS' "On the Road," a California restaurateur strives to feed homeless kids.

Mira Sorvino in her role as UN Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking

The Oscar-winning actress wants to end one of the world's greatest evils and she needs your help.

by Mira Sorvino
, Los Angeles, California

Here are two easy ways to boost your mood and feel more positive. All you need are pencil and paper.

by Amy Wong

Karen Shirk and her service dog, Piper, who is a Papillon. Photo by Jessica Noll

How a service dog named Ben helped a woman help others

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Donnie's son Iyal and his dog, Chancer

She had no idea how severe her adopted son's problems would be—or what form the answer to her prayers would take.

by Donnie Kanter Winokur
, Roswell, Georgia

Dominic Novak

A personal trainer discovers that well-being depends on spiritual, as well as physical, health.

by Dominic Novak
, Greenwich, Connecticut

Marci Seither and her husband, John

With her family's home at risk, a wife learns that opening up to God speeds the healing.

by Marci Seither
, Alta, California

hands in sudsy water, doing the dishes

I dreaded going to a job I didn't like. Then I remembered the saying, "When there's nothing else to do, pray," and everything began to improve.

by Donna Meyer
, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Newlyweds hold hands on a sun-splashed beach.

My father-in-law passed away before our wedding. How we wished he could be there...

by Rita Marshall
, Mitchell, Ontario, Canada

Joan Ripley and her granddaughter Clara

Seeking shelter from a sudden mountain storm, a worried mother finds safe haven for her children.

by Joan Ripley
, Charlottesville, Virginia

An artist's rendering of an angel pushing a child in a swing

A young girl is protected by a mysterious figure when a lightning bolt strikes.

by Sharon Thompson
, Salisbury, North Carolina

An artist's rendering of an angel watching over an infant

A young mother sees a heavenly guardian watching over her infant son.

by Henrietta Torres
, Rialto, California

An artist's rendering of a stuffed T-Rex

A child's birthday is brightened by a stuffed dinosaur from an earth angel.

by Douglas Raymond Rose
, Grand Prairie, Texas

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