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Recent Kids Stories

Chef John Besh inspires friends and family with a special dinner each Sunday.

A New Orleans chef is inspired to blend his love of family with the joy of cooking.

by John Besh
, New Orleans, Louisana

A young girl is asked to be an angel for a msyterious neighbor she fears.

A misunderstood man experiences God's love, thanks to a visit from a timorous cherub.

by Jackie Clements-Marenda
, Staten Island, New York

Illustration of woman in apron with milkman and young girl

A child learns about the true meaning of Christmas while accompanying her father on his milk route.

by Mary Ann Constanzer
, South China, Maine

Betty Graham learned being a guest at Thanksgiving brings its own blessings.

A grandmother learns that being a guest brings blessings of its own.

by Betty Graham
, Alexandria, Virginia

A family averts a Christmas tree crisis, thanks to the advice of an angel.

A too-short Christmas tree is not a crisis, thanks to a whispered suggestion from heaven above.

by Marjory Chase
, Orono, Maine

The German Bible that proved the answer to a family's prayer

A family's prayer is answered when an earth angel returns their beloved Bible to them.

by Duane Budde
, Columbia Heights, Minnesota

An angel guides Douglas and Buddy Earl Clark to the safety of home.

An angel leads a pair of young brothers through a blizzard to the warmth and comfort of home.

by Douglas Scott Clark
, Maryville, Tennessee

Karen Haines recalls having a very special prayer request promptly answered.

A Guideposts reader recalls when a special prayer request was answered very promptly, indeed.

by Karen Haines
, Louisville, Kentucky

Joel Sartore and wife Kathy whose illness got him  to rethink his priorities.

His wife's illness and the power of prayer changed his priorities.

by Joel Sartore
, Lincoln, Nebraska

An artist's rendering of Cynthia Cutts prior to her Thanksgiving 'miracle.'

A mother of four has her faith restored by store-bought pies and the prayer of a child.

by Cynthia Cutts
, Lincoln, California

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are packed with vitamins and minerals. Eat them by the handful!

by David Leite

Sherie Huffman and her son, Eric, inspired and encouraged each other.

Inspired by her son's faith in her, a fifty-something woman conquers self-doubt and masters taekwondo.

by Sherie Huffman
, West Hills, California

Swedish Meatballs

Here's a satisfying and fun dish that will have the entire family coming back for more.

by Margaret Panico
, Lake Luzerne, New York

A retiree shares her faith by inspiring a group of children to learn to cook.

A retiree shares her faith and gets her prayer answered by introducing children to the ways of the kitchen.

by Margaret Panico
, Lake Luzerne, New York

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