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Recent Kids Stories

woman putting out a cigarette in an ash tray.

God's love and my guardian angel helped me beat my addiction.

by Pat Kanik

Marie Olson's late husband, Butch, with a grandchild

A grieving widow is comforted by a unexpected reminder of—and from?—her departed husband.

by Marie Olson
, Colton, Oregon

Meredith Cummings

A speed-walker uses prayer to get her to the marathon's finish line.

by Meredith Cummings
, Noblesville, Indiana

Sarah Robbins and her daughter, Ginny

A mother, worried that job-related moves have disrupted her kids' lives, sees her prayers answered.

by Sarah Robbins
, Glen Allen, Virginia

Pat Vandover (left) and her friend Shirley

I've struggled with rheumatoid arthritis for most of my life. Thanks to Shirley, I don't have to face it alone.

by Pat Vandover
, Mint Hill, North Carolina

What you might think is a morbid habit is actually life-affirming. How reading the obituaries can help you stay positive (really!).

by Amy Wong

John Sanburn and his sister Kathy

A man whose family has a history of heart trouble and diabetes uses prayer and sibling support to regain health and happiness.

by John Sanburn
, Wichita, Kansas

Devotional writer, Julia Attaway

Julia Attaway ponders her devotional life and asks, "Do I know God better than I did a decade ago?"

by Julia Attaway
, New York, New York

Three of Mark Coxson's jet-skiing buddies

Jetskiing buddies who jet ski band together to raise money for charity.

by Mark Coxson
, Belmar, New Jersey

Mysterious Ways icon: An open windown revealing clouds and blue sky

A struggling mother of three receives a quick and unexpected answer to her prayer.

by Christy Caldwell
, Nazareth, Kentucky

An artist's rendering of a cat

A puss named Patches enjoys an unlikely reunion with a young boy.

by Tarn Wilson
, Sunnyvale, California

An artist's rendering of an iPod

A woman's faith is restored when she finds her missing iPod with an assist from above.

by Audrey Razgaitis
, Montclair, New Jersey

Remembering three inspiring people, and the effect they’ve had on my life—and all our lives.

by Edward Grinnan

Andrea enjoys a ride on a swing with her father, Warren, assisting.

A specially designed amusement park proves a blessing to kids who are too often left out.

by Sheryl Smith-Rodgers
, Blanco, Texas

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