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Angels on earth in the backseat

Getting my little angels ready for Bible class was tough, but a song set me straight.

by Shawnelle Eliasen
, Port Byron, Illinois

Depressed mom finds faith in Johns Hopkins statue

Struggling with bipolar disorder, I opened the doors at Johns Hopkins to see a statue that still gives me hope to this day.

by Therese Borchard
, Annapolis, Maryland

Heavenly angel sends sign with hymnal

For the life of me, I couldn't remember where that hymnal had come from... a heavenly angel?

by Mae Cannon
, Blanchard, Idaho

Pasta recipes: Robin Miller's Lasagna Rolls

This ain't your average pasta recipe. The kids—and your wallet—will love this new twist.

by Robin Miller
, Scottsdale, Arizona

James and his success as a Renaissance Man

A man looking for work finds it in an unexpected place—at a Renaissance Faire!

by James Schwenk
, Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Ricki's spiritual growth helped her find peace

The journey of spiritual growth for the dedicated mom of a brain-damaged quadriplegic helps her let go and let God.

by Ricki Distin
, Greenbrier, Arkansas

A friendly milkman teaches Rosemary Marbach that God provides.

Even though Joe had next to nothing himself, he saw everyone around him as generous and good.

by Rosemary Marbach
, Boston, Massachusetts

Snowy house with smoke coming from chimney

Stranded on a highway with four young children, a women miraculously finds help thanks to her guardian angel.

by Julie Chilton
, Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Melinda's self-improvement and faith gave her strength

A Psychology professor has everything under control except her weight. Her plans for self-improvement aren't as easy to fulfill as they seem.

by Melinda Blackman, PhD
, Fullerton, California

The Apron Lady found success

Business success making aprons? She found career happiness without sacrificing family.

by Cynthia Wadell
, Orange, California

Potato Recipe for Kids

Get your kids cooking with this adorable side-dish that is both delicious and nutritious.

by Annabel Karmel

David May and his daughter Amara

If it weren't for his daughter, this father might never have overcome his fear of public speaking.

by David May
, West Seneca, New York

Advice for moms: cherish every moment

Mommy blogger Janice Croze shows how a little perspective can make us better parents.

by Janice Croze

His trip inspired hope and faith

He was out of a job and almost out of hope, when a mission trip to Africa changed his life

by Brett Fuller
, Fort Worth, Texas

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