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Doug Stinson

I'd been smoking since I was 16 years old. How could the craving have just stopped overnight?

by Doug Stinson
, Hernando, Florida

Mary Steenburgen's earth angels are the four-legged, furry kind!

Actress Mary Steenburgen knows that a dog can change your life. She's had two inspiring canine earth angels do just that!

by Mary Steenburgen
, Ojai, California

Brett and Alyssa give the thumbs up

This Major Leaguer had little chance of hitting a home run...until he visited some kids who gave him hope.

by Brett Gardner
, New York, New York

Prayer brings Jamie and Christine closer than ever

Two women become closer when one is stricken with breast cancer, and in need of prayers.

by Jamie Howard
, Apex, North Carolina

Earth angels: Grandmother being helped by granddaughter

Get ready to celebrate Be an Angel Day, which falls on August 22nd. Here are some tips for becoming an earth angel this year!

by Alina Larson
, Senior Online Editor

Happiness is low-fat lentil soup!

How one sea-faring couple found happiness in a low-fat recipe.

by Carolyn Meagher
, Omak, Washington

Kate Snow found this inspiring story in Africa

Dateline NBC correspondent Kate Snow talks about one of the most inspiring stories she's ever done—the story of a true lifelong learner.

by Kate Snow
, New York, New York

Ray Kimbrell carries son Patrick

I was a Marine, an officer, a lifer...or so I thought. Then came Patrick, and my faith was tested.

by Ray Kimbrell
, Lewisville, Texas

Wanda Burgess and her family

When I found out I had diabetes, I was worried I would never be able to have one of our favorite dessert recipes again!

by Wanda Burgess
, Dallas, Texas

Motivational stories: Man loses 600 pounds through faith

One of the most motivational stories you'll read about losing weight and finding faith

by Justin Willoughby
, Bradford, Pennsylvania

An artist's rendering of an angel rescuing a girl stuck on a homemade ride

When her father insisted on making his own ride in the yard, the guardian angels heard him!

by Kathie Kania
, Ogden, Utah

Illustration of angel wearing a green hat.

Our family broke down on a cross-country trip with three kids in tow.  We needed an angel to help us get back on the road.

by Teresa Olive
, Tacoma, Washington

Motivational stories: His friends gave him hope

He got bullied because of his disabilities—but there were two people who knew he could succeed.

by Brock Hibbs
, Weatherford, Texas

tomatoes in a heart-shaped bowl

This fruit always reminded me of Dad, but I didn't want any after he passed away.

by Joyce Noto
, Gray, Tennessee

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