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Recent Kids Stories

A mother's prayer is answered as her kids experience the wonder of Christmas.

A special present answers a mother's prayer as her kids experience a renewed sense of wonder at Christmas.

by Sarah Miller
, Ridgefield, Connecticut

Gwen Ford Faulkenberry

Feeling tired? Go to The Source of peace and rest.

by Gwen Ford Faulkenberry
, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

his mysterious ways open window

I could never replace my beloved leather-bound Bible after it fell apart. Until God's grace provided one meant just for me.

by Robin Powell
, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Chef John Besh inspires friends and family with a special dinner each Sunday.

A New Orleans chef is inspired to blend his love of family with the joy of cooking.

by John Besh
, New Orleans, Louisana

A young girl is asked to be an angel for a msyterious neighbor she fears.

A misunderstood man experiences God's love, thanks to a visit from a timorous cherub.

by Jackie Clements-Marenda
, Staten Island, New York

Illustration of woman in apron with milkman and young girl

A child learns about the true meaning of Christmas while accompanying her father on his milk route.

by Mary Ann Constanzer
, South China, Maine

Betty Graham learned being a guest at Thanksgiving brings its own blessings.

A grandmother learns that being a guest brings blessings of its own.

by Betty Graham
, Alexandria, Virginia

A family averts a Christmas tree crisis, thanks to the advice of an angel.

A too-short Christmas tree is not a crisis, thanks to a whispered suggestion from heaven above.

by Marjory Chase
, Orono, Maine

The German Bible that proved the answer to a family's prayer

A family's prayer is answered when an earth angel returns their beloved Bible to them.

by Duane Budde
, Columbia Heights, Minnesota

An angel guides Douglas and Buddy Earl Clark to the safety of home.

An angel leads a pair of young brothers through a blizzard to the warmth and comfort of home.

by Douglas Scott Clark
, Maryville, Tennessee

Karen Haines recalls having a very special prayer request promptly answered.

A Guideposts reader recalls when a special prayer request was answered very promptly, indeed.

by Karen Haines
, Louisville, Kentucky

Joel Sartore and wife Kathy whose illness got him  to rethink his priorities.

His wife's illness and the power of prayer changed his priorities.

by Joel Sartore
, Lincoln, Nebraska

An artist's rendering of Cynthia Cutts prior to her Thanksgiving 'miracle.'

A mother of four has her faith restored by store-bought pies and the prayer of a child.

by Cynthia Cutts
, Lincoln, California

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds are packed with vitamins and minerals. Eat them by the handful!

by David Leite

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