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Recent Kids Stories

A mother grows spiritually when she realizes that her adult son will always be in her heart.

by Judy Burden
, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

A little boy teaches his mother a wonderful lesson about what prayer can do.

by Karen Barnett
, Albany, Oregon

A mother finds out just what prayer can do for her son.

by Donna Fine

There's been an epidemic of liars lately. Is it really that hard to be honest?

by Rick Hamlin

On my first Father’s Day without a father, I think back to how I celebrated him when I was a child, and what has meant most to me with my own sons.

by Rick Hamlin

It's What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose six comments from our Facebook page.

by GP Facebook Fans

Peggy and Kelly going on vacation

Guideposts staffers reveal their favorite pet-friendly vacation spots.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Jay Payleitner and his son Randy

The inspiring story of a dad who goes above and beyond for his kids.

by Jay Payleitner
, St. Charles, Illinois

The granddaughter who comforted her grandmother

Her nine-year-old granddaughter was always her little angel, but that took on a whole new meaning after one special girls' day out.

by Kathy Keeley Anderson
, Wautoma, Wisconsin

Jason Hotckiss and wife Cass wedding raft ride

After his wife is fatally injured in a car accident, a husband experiences spritual growth by forgiving the other driver.

by Jason Hotchkiss
, Durango, Colorado

Hope Grows in a Garden

While going through a difficult time, this single mother learns about the power of faith and angels.

by Lori Sciame
, Beloit, Wisconsin

Liz Bissell  daily devotional

A new mom comes to see her parents in a very different light after having a baby.

by Liz Bissell

Jamie and her family make baseball cookies

I loved being back in the workforce, but would I still have time to bake my kids’ favorite baseball sugar cookies?

by Jamie Troutman
, Morrison, Illinois

Advice on coping

How to deal with devastating news of earthquakes, floods and other natural catastrophes.

by Alina Larson

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